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6 benefits of using a cloud-based phone system

Lidia Tavares Dias

By Lídia Dias

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An efficiently run call center has become a necessity in the modern business world, but success requires more than just having agents on the phone.

Call center software is essential for maintaining agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Business owners have a variety of options to choose from, but the benefits of a cloud contact center make it clear that they’re the best option available. And if you’re ready to help your clients, support teams, and overall business productivity, take a few moments to request a demo with Talkdesk today.

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Benefits of a cloud-based call center phone system.

In the modern world, contact centers are only as effective as the technology that supports them. Whether your company handles mostly outgoing or incoming calls—and regardless of how in-depth your service solutions are—each of these benefits stands out with cloud-based call center software.

Costs savings.

A cloud-based phone system offers countless advantages, but the one that stands out to many businesses is the cost savings. Even when a platform is heavy with software features, its price relative to traditional systems is one of its major appeals. To start, a cloud contact center removes many of the hardware requirements that legacy systems had.

Rather than setting up an entire onsite infrastructure to handle a new call center solution, cloud-based phone systems function on pre-existing infrastructure. Setting the system up and overall implementation time is greatly reduced—and this means less out-of-pocket expenditures.

A cloud-based call center phone system also increases the efficiency of sales teams by offering services such as call routing, customer relationship management (CRM) integration, and live call monitoring. Each of these tools makes it easier for your live agents to do their jobs efficiently — because even the most advanced call center software cannot run a contact center on its own. Your people are just as important to its success, and when you’re using the right platforms, you provide all the tools necessary to help them do their jobs effectively.


A cloud-based contact center also offers one of the most important features in modern business: scalability. In almost any call center setting, business needs will fluctuate over time. For instance, you may get more inbound calls during the summer months if your company sells motorboats or travel insurance. Should you have to pay for the massive infrastructure your business phone systems need in the summer throughout the entire year? That’s exactly what you’d do by investing in a traditional onsite call center.

What happens if your company grows? Even the most basic call center software features need the appropriate infrastructure to function, and if your business needs outgrow your system, it can be very costly to scale up with pre-existing onsite hardware. This simply isn’t an issue with a cloud-based call center phone system. Scalability has always been one of the biggest benefits of any cloud technology, and this is just as true for call centers as it is for other industries.


When you’re looking for the best in reliability, it doesn’t get better than a cloud-based call center phone system. With minimal hardware onsite, there’s a lower risk of any significant local disruption. Of course, no technology is perfect all the time. So, do cloud contact centers really stand out compared to their older counterparts?

Absolutely! In fact, this holds true for all cloud-based technology. When a business is running busy contact centers, downtime can mean significant disruption and major customer service issues. Cloud technology focuses heavily on security, and this, combined with stellar infrastructure, means your company has less to worry about. Because let’s be honest: Even the most advanced call center software would be ineffective if it wasn’t reliable.

Improved customer service.

The best call center software can do a lot of things. From directing calls to the proper department to managing customer data, the possibilities are nearly endless. The end goal for nearly every feature comes down to improved customer interactions. Cloud contact centers excel in this area. Even if you only consider basic call routing and interactive voice response (IVR), clients spend less time on the phone when dealing with any issues. If they’re calling for a simple task, self-service options allow them to get it handled quickly.

Of course, callers sometimes have more complex issues or simply want to talk to a human agent. A cloud-based IVR system can quickly detect this need— using natural language processing on some systems—and get clients forwarded to the appropriate department. Since cloud-based call center software also improves overall employee efficiency, you can rest assured that your clients will always have a helpful live service agent when needed.


Cloud-based phone systems also offer a higher degree of flexibility than other business phone systems. The difference is night and day. Cloud solutions allow employees far more flexibility in the devices they can work from. Rather than having to sit in front of their computer all day, it’s possible to work from laptops, smartphones, and notebooks. Cloud-based contact center solutions can help mitigate the risks of a distributed workforce, including insider threats, negligence, and unpredictable work from home infrastructure.

Additionally, cloud-based options offer the possibility of working offsite. During the pandemic and the Great Resignation, we learned just how beneficial it can be to provide remote workforce management. This certainly benefits your agents, but it provides major advantages to your company as well. For instance, studies have consistently shown that remote workers are more happy and productive than their in-office counterparts. Imagine your agents being able to take inbound and outbound calls from anywhere in the world without the customer experience suffering. That’s exactly what a cloud-based phone system can offer.


A cloud-based call center system also increases overall efficiency in contact centers. We’ve already discussed how the right software can free up agents to handle more complex customer issues, but the efficiency benefits go far beyond this. For instance, a cloud-based solution typically offers a high level of integration with other systems. Talkdesk seamlessly integrates with other systems, such as Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, to to drive agent productivity, improve team efficiency, and personalize every interaction. Talkdesk Workspace™ allows agents to access CX applications, integrations, and other solutions in a “single-pane-of-glass”—for a unified experience that accelerates resolution time and boosts productivity.

Additionally, an integrated cloud business phone system makes your company function more efficiently. Rather than paying for expensive installations and high IT costs when onsite systems invariably fail, your resources can go where they really matter. Rather than worrying about high repair costs, you can think about expanding your call center volume capabilities. Rather than adding hardware, you can simply add new features from cloud-based networks.

When it comes to cloud contact centers, everything just runs more efficiently.

Finding a call center solution—what’s next?

The benefits of cloud-based call center software are undeniable. Whether it’s the many impressive features offered—such as interactive voice response and natural language processing—or the flexibility of offering clients a custom experience, a cloud contact center provides more than you can imagine. With so many options out there, how do you know you’re making the right choice?

It starts by doing your homework. You can request a demo with Talkdesk today to see just how effective our cloud-based solutions can be at improving customer service and more. Whether your contact center software needs are as simple as handling inbound and outbound calls—or you need a solution that can process inbound calls using artificial intelligence technology—we have options to fit your needs.

Request a demo today and see what Talkdesk can do for you.


Lidia Tavares Dias

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