Log Talkdesk calls in your Front inbox to better manage your voice communications channel

Ensure your customers and prospects always receive a prompt response by integrating Talkdesk and Front

Log Calls in Front

Increase rep visibility by pushing Talkdesk call logs, recordings and voicemails to your Front inbox. Unify your communication channels to improve response rates and make smarter decisions.

Boost Rep Efficiency

Save reps the hassle of switching between multiple applications with Talkdesk Callbar®. Reps will be able to make and receive calls that are synced with Front from anywhere on the desktop.

Call from Front

Initiate a phone call in Callbar® by clicking on any phone number in Front’s web application. Click-to-call eliminates misdials and can also improve response rates for faster service.

Personalize Every Interaction

Open a Talkdesk contact record from within Front to see customer details and history. Reps can use this information to inform conversations and improve the customer experience.

Tailor Your Integration

Select what data is pushed to Front from Talkdesk according to your business needs. Ensure your inbox is populated with the right information for maximum visibility.

Quick and Easy Setup

Effortlessly configure the Talkdesk Front Integration - no programming required! All you need is your Front account information to get started right away.

Experience the Cloud Contact Center for Innovative Enterprises

Request a free demo and we will help you create your contact center today, complete with CRM integrations and settings configuration.

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