Talkdesk for Salesforce

Improve agent productivity and contact center performance with the industry’s strongest Salesforce integration

Empower Agents with Full Contact Center Functionality Inside Salesforce

A tight CRM and call center integration is the hallmark of successful sales and support teams. Seamlessly bring these systems together to drive agent productivity, improve team efficiency and personalize every interaction, turning happy customers into loyal advocates.

Quick Setup in Salesforce

Deploy Talkdesk for Salesforce, add Talkdesk licenses and assign user permissions — all without ever leaving Salesforce and in complete sync with Talkdesk.
Our streamlined configuration gives you complete control over your call center settings, so you can decide how calls are routed and logged according to your specific needs.

Industry-Leading Automations Framework

Automate manual, redundant tasks to free up agent time and boost productivity.
Pre-built and custom automations, such as automatically creating a case in Salesforce when a VIP customer leaves a voicemail in Talkdesk, enable your agents to spend more time providing great experiences.
Talkdesk for Salesforce integrates with Salesforce Lightning Flow, so you can trigger automations in Salesforce based on events in your call center. The possibilities are endless.

Powerful Omnichannel Solution

Let customers reach you using the channel they prefer. With Talkdesk, you can provide both phone and SMS support directly within Salesforce.
Easily manage work items across multiple channels by leveraging an extensive integration with Salesforce Omni-Channel.

"Our teams live in Salesforce, so seeing the depth of the Talkdesk for Salesforce integration was impressive to us."


Intelligent Routing Configuration

Leverage your Salesforce customer data to expedite how you route your customers to the best agents or reps based on Cases, Leads, Accounts or Contact records. Empower your agents and reps to have more informed, personalized conversations that deliver results.

Comprehensive Real-Time and Historical Reporting

Keep track of what’s happening at each moment in your contact center. Real-time dashboards and detailed breakdowns of call center metrics give you information at-a-glance, directly embedded in Salesforce.
Gain a deeper understanding of your team’s performance and trends using Talkdesk’s 20+ pre-built historical reports, or customize and create your own unique views.

Already using Talkdesk?

Download Talkdesk for Salesforce from the AppExchange to start improving the customer experience and driving revenue.

Talkdesk for Salesforce Features

Time-saving Automations

Automate manual, repetitive tasks between Talkdesk and Salesforce to improve agent efficiency and productivity

Smart Automations

Trigger any Lightning Flow in Salesforce from any action in Talkdesk, such as updating a custom object in Salesforce when a VIP customer calls into Talkdesk

Intelligent Routing

Route calls to Case, Account, Contact and Lead owners to get customers in touch with the right agent to address their needs

Live & Historical Reporting

Use customizable historical reports and live dashboards to identify trends and optimize the customer experience

Two-Way Data Sync

Ensure data between Salesforce and Talkdesk is always consistent with continuous two-way data sync

Smart SMS

Scale your outbound communications by sending a mass SMS to customers from any list in Salesforce

Screen Pops

Present agents all the relevant customer information from Salesforce directly in the agent interface as soon as the call comes in

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