Talkdesk for ServiceNow

Improve your ITSM and CSM efforts with the world’s most advanced call center software designed for ServiceNow

Integrate Seamlessly

Talkdesk for ServiceNow unifies the agent experience by providing a deep integration between your call center and IT/customer service desks. Two-way contact and agent sync ensures that data between your call center and service desks remains consistent and up-to-date.

Provide Personalized Service

With Talkdesk Callbar®, reps can make/receive phone calls from anywhere on the desktop and continue to log call data to ServiceNow. Callbar®’s screen pops also allow reps to see caller information before picking up the phone, empowering reps to deliver more personalized service.

Increase Rep Efficiency

Leverage Talkdesk’s automations framework to build time-saving workflows that create ServiceNow records. By taking care of user, incident and case creation for reps, workflows eliminate repetitive tasks and dramatically improve rep efficiency.

Already Using Talkdesk?

Download Talkdesk for ServiceNow from the ServiceNow Store to start improving your ITSM and CSM efforts.

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