Ensure that your business is accessible to your customers with our Integration

Integrate your call center and helpdesk applications for more effective agents and satisfied customers

Work Inside

Talkdesk’s CTI widget allows agents to work from within Agents won’t have to sacrifice functionality when they have full access to a wide range of Talkdesk features inside

Personalize Every Interaction

Personalize Every Interaction
Talkdesk instantly displays a customer’s contact history and information when a call is connected. Agents can use this information to personalize interactions and provide optimal service.

Boost Agent Productivity

Save agents the inefficiency of switching between two applications with the ability to perform actions within Talkdesk. Agents will be able to create cases and update contacts without ever leaving Talkdesk.

Streamline Agent Workflow

Talkdesk’s automated workflows eliminate the need to manually enter data in two different systems. Save agents time by configuring certain Talkdesk events to automatically trigger actions.

Two-Way Data Synchronization

Talkdesk automatically synchronizes contacts and cases with Talkdesk in real-time. When agents have the most up-to-date information, they can better serve your customers’ needs.

Quick and Easy Setup

Effortlessly configure the Talkdesk Integration - no programming required! All you need is your account information and you can synchronize data and instantly increase your team’s efficiency.

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