Personalized Greetings

Ensure that every interaction with your company is personalized and professional with custom greetings, messages and prompts.

Personalized greetings enable you to tailor interactions to your customers’ needs with unique, professional and informative messages. You can upload a pre-recorded greeting, create your own, use our standard greetings or use our text-to-speech function and the greeting will be live in seconds. Talkdesk gives you the power to create individualized greetings for each phone number, each IVR prompt and each situation (i.e. waiting queues, welcome greetings, voicemails, etc.). This extra customization of the caller’s experience adds a personal touch to your services and can promote brand loyalty.

Increase Professionalism

The Talkdesk interface allows you to easily create personalized greetings that will delight your callers. You can record your own greeting or use our out-of-the-box greetings to enhance your brand’s professionalism.

Custom Hold Music

Providing your callers with a pleasant waiting experience is an essential element to the creation an overall positive call center experience. Use our default hold music or upload your own to optimize the customer experience.

Promote Your Company

With Talkdesk, you can record messages about upcoming promotions, relevant information and special offers and set them to play while callers wait in the queue. This will optimize what would otherwise be dead time spent in the queue for both you and your customers.

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