call monitoring

We’ve all heard it before.

“This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurances purposes.”

It’s the PSA attached to the beginning of almost every call center interaction. When you hear it, if you don’t just completely ignore it, you may feel momentarily uncomfortable with the idea that your call is being monitored or recorded.

At Talkdesk, we create cloud-based call center software designed to promote positive interactions with customers and improve the overall quality of service customers receive when they reach out for phone-based support. We are staunch supporters of call monitoring because this call center software feature optimizes the customer experience.

Here are four ways call monitoring benefits customers:

1. Quality Assurance

There’s a reason that the standard disclaimer call center callers hear includes the words “quality assurance purposes.” Call monitoring enables managers to silently listen to conversations without agents realizing. This means that agents are held to a standard of excellent customer service.

If an agent has been reported to be providing sub-optimal customer service, call monitoring protects customers by enabling direct managerial oversight. On the reverse, if an agent is performing exceptionally well, managers can also monitor their calls in order to provide them with timely recognition and rewards.

2. Call Barging

Call barging is a call center software feature that provides users with functionality that is one step above call monitoring. It enables managers to barge in on calls, allowing them to speak directly to both the caller and the agent. This allows managers to provide support to both agents and customers and reduces the number of calls that have to be escalated to management.

When a manager barges in to a call, the customer receives extra assistance for the issue they called about. This is because the manager often has more information than the agent and is able to better address the customer’s needs.

3. Agent Training

Call monitoring is an excellent way to fast track new hire onboarding. When a new call center agent is hired, they can listen in on the calls of more experienced agents to learn how to provide customers with optimal support. When they are ready to begin fielding calls themselves, the new call center agents can be provided a safety net by having managers listen in on new calls. Further, call monitoring enables managers to monitor new agent performance in order to provide them with personalized feedback.

4. Research

Modern call center software solutions enable managers to track a variety of metrics, but there are some issues that are better resolved with qualitative data. Managers who are able to monitor live calls can identify patterns and trends in the type of service their agents are providing their customers. In this way, they can encourage positive trends and nip negative patterns in the bud.

Customers benefit greatly from call monitoring. This is because call monitoring allows managers to keep their fingers on the pulse of the call center. The oversight gained with this call center software feature means that agents are held responsible or rewarded for their performance, which results in better customer service outcomes.

If you’re interested in exploring the utility of call monitoring and a variety of other advanced call center software features, why not schedule a demo of Talkdesk’s call center software?