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The 4 stages of customer experience maturity and how to assess them

Niki Lotte
By Niki Lotte

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4 Stages Of Contact Center Maturity
The First Step Is The Hardest Assess Your Maturity For Cx Evolution


The first step is the hardest: assess your maturity for CX evolution

The Talkdesk Customer Experience Maturity Model

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Define your vision for CX greatness

Niki Lotte

Niki Lotte

Niki Lotte is a senior product marketing manager at Talkdesk, where she specializes in developing and executing strategies to promote the services (and the people who make the magic happen) that enable customers to realize the value of their business transformation. When she's not bringing ideas to life, Niki enjoys camping, reading historical fiction, and practicing French, especially to order cheese and pastries.