Prevent fraud and protect your customers’ data from security threats with a risk management solution for contact centers.

Keep Your Contact Center Safe From Threats

The first-of-its-kind, native cloud contact center security application, Talkdesk Guardian™ enables you to take control of your security management to effectively mitigate the risk against data leakage, fraud, identity theft, and privacy-related breaches.

Gain Greater Visibility Into User Activities

When agents are spread around the world, working from home, contact centers must expand their risk assessment to include not only external threats, but also emerging insider ones. Get a comprehensive view of the security landscape in your contact center. Detailed reports and dashboards make it easy to visualize information and spot potential security issues.

"The voice channel accounts for 60% of fraud incidents in a contact center."


Continuously Monitor Suspicious Behaviors

Contact centers are a prime target for information theft. Monitor vulnerabilities as well as procedural compliance to immediately detect suspicious agent behaviors, trigger alerts and track risks.

Combating Insider Security Threats in Your Contact Center

Learn how to protect your business from data leakage, improper data access, and misuse of company assets.

Act Upon Insider Threats Faster and More Effectively

Spot key contact center security insights such as user access to company’s systems, account lockouts, compromised user credentials, and access to sensitive information so you can detect threats as they happen and act before the damage is done.

"In 2021 the worldwide cost of cybercrime is predicted to rise to $6 trillion, up from $3 trillion in 2015."

Herjavec Group

Take Intelligent Data-Driven Measures

Instead of listening to numerous call recordings, reading endless chat transcripts, and manually investigating agents’ logins and logouts, let Talkdesk iQ™ – our built-in Artificial Intelligence layer – use historical activity patterns to recognize behaviors, flag unexpected events, and tell you if there’s anything to take action on regarding your contact center security.

Talkdesk Guardian Capabilities


Get at-a-glance insights into top-priority contact center security incidents and suspicious behavior based on intelligently calculated risk.

Suspicious Behavior Detection

Intelligently detect behavior outliers within specific teams or across the organization and surface potential risks.

Access Report

Track real-time and historic agent login information to assess suspicious behavior such as after-hours access or new device access.

Cases Management

Interactive reports help you quickly spot emerging patterns as well as the most critical anomalies, so you can anticipate and immediately act on data leakage threats.

Advanced Filters

Quickly find the data you need by filtering and sorting information according to the time period you’re interested in, or by specific case types or employees.

Powered by Talkdesk iQ

Leverage AI infused throughout the platform to drive efficiency and automation everywhere. Talkdesk iQ silently analyzes activity in the background to spot irregular patterns and identify potential threats.

Accept Payments in a PCI-compliant Environment

Easily and securely manage credit card transactions over the phone in a PCI-compliant, agent-assisted way with Talkdesk PCI Payment™.

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