Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Maximize efficiency without compromising call quality with unlimited concurrent inbound and outbound calling.

Reduce blocked calls and ensure that your team has the ability to make and receive as many calls as necessary with unlimited concurrent calls. Talkdesk does not place a limit on the rate at which any given phone number can receive inbound calls or place outbound calls. This functionality is in place to enable your team to scale without compromising call quality.

Reduce Blocked Calls

With unlimited concurrent calls, blocked calls will never pose an obstacle to your team’s effectiveness. This feature ensures that you can scale effortlessly without losing customers.

Scale Without Compromising Quality

Talkdesk allows you to make and receive an unlimited number of concurrent calls without negatively impacting call quality. Your team will not need to worry about problems arising when call volume increases during peak periods.

One Phone Number for All Your Call Center Needs

With the ability to place and make as many calls as needed using the same phone number comes the option to use the same phone number for all your call center needs. For instance, you can use the same phone number on all marketing collateral and never have to worry if call quality will be compromised or calls will be blocked when your call volume spikes.

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