Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Benefit from comprehensive call center software functionality from inside Zendesk, Salesforce and with the Talkdesk CTI Widget.

Talkdesk’s computer telephony integration (CTI) enables you to benefit from comprehensive call center software functionality from inside Zendesk, Salesforce and Make and receive calls from within the interfaces of these business tools while maintaining access to robust call center software functionality such as IVR, skills-based routing, call recording and call queues. This feature will streamline your workflow and allow your team to continue to use the business tools they are already comfortable with.

Make and Receive Calls from Inside Salesforce, Zendesk and

Make, receive and transfer calls directly from the Zendesk, and Salesforce interfaces using the Talkdesk CTI Widget. Talkdesk runs in the backend so you can continue to benefit from advanced call center software features such as IVR, skills-based routing, queues and call recording. This will increase efficiency because it will enable you to use one interface for everything.

Know Who’s Calling

With automated screen pop, you can view detailed information about the caller (i.e., name, phone number, dialed number) as you are routed the call. This will allow you to personalize conversations to increase efficiency and promote customer loyalty.

One Application for Everything

With call control inside your integrated business application, you will never have to click back and forth between your call center software and your business tool when handling calls. Talkdesk’s CTI Widget gives you advanced call control functionality where you need it most, alongside the information that is fueling your conversations with customers.

Keep a Comprehensive Contact History

The Talkdesk CTI Widget allows for the integration of call logs (i.e., call history, call recordings, call metrics) and other relevant caller data (i.e., personal information, support tickets, cases, events, chat transcripts, emails, etc.) in a unified dashboard. This enables you to be more efficient when handling calls and provide more personalized service to each customer.

Automate Workflows

With business tools integrations, you can create simple, rule-based workflows to automate tasks and improve agent efficiency. For example, when a call ends, the recording and data could be set to populate into a helpdesk ticket. When a call is missed, a helpdesk ticket could be automatically created. When a voicemail is received, the voicemail and transcription could be immediately attached to the helpdesk ticket. Automated workflows will save your team time and increase productivity.

Simple Integration

The CTI feature is easy to configure and requires neither coding nor technical skills. Simply fill in your business tool’s API key and click “Connect” in the Talkdesk interface for full functionality from the outset.

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