Call Control

Provide a seamless and professional experience with call center software call control features such as hold, mute, blind and warm transfers and call conferencing.

Talkdesk’s call control functionality is prominently displayed in your browser, immediately adjacent to contextual information about the customer. This feature enables you to take action steps, including transferring calls, adding people to the current call and placing the callers on hold, all while viewing comprehensive information about the caller. The visual proximity, intuitive design and ease of operation can reduce call handling time, increase efficiency and promote customer satisfaction.

Enterprise-Level Functionality

With features like hold, mute, blind and warm transfers, you can benefit from enterprise-level call center software functionality directly from your browser. Talkdesk software enables you to meet your callers’ needs, without having to purchase desk phones or on-premise call center solutions.

Blind and Warm Transfers

Empower your agents to perform call transfer in one of two ways. Warm transfers allow agents to verbally inform the next agent about the caller’s problems before transferring the call. When time is of the essence, blind transfers allow for immediate transfer of the call to another agent. Having the option of using blind or warm transfers helps your team provide a more pleasant and efficient customer experience.

Transfer to Ring Groups

The ring groups feature makes it possible to transfer callers to a specific agent, an external phone number or a group of agents. This ensures a fair distribution of transferred calls within a team and reduces hold time for the caller. This call center software feature will not only improve how your agents interact with customers, but will also prevent dissatisfaction within the team that could result from unevenly distributed calls.

Conference Calling

Talkdesk facilitates collaboration by enabling you to add team members and external guests to calls. This can be accomplished with minimal effort and can help you work towards creating an optimal customer experience.

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