Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls, pause/resume live call recordings and listen to past call recordings at any time to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Talkdesk provides both inbound and outbound call recording capabilities. Live call recordings can be paused and resumed within the Talkdesk interface. At the end of each call the recording is automatically stored in the activity feed of the associated customer. This allows for easy, anytime analysis of the content of recorded calls to help you better understand each caller’s intent, ensure that high quality standards are being met and gather actionable business intelligence.

Inbound and Outbound Call Recording

Record inbound calls, outbound calls, neither or both depending upon your unique business needs. These call recording settings can be changed at any time with the click of a button. This flexible feature enables you to prioritize which calls you would like to be recorded and stored.

Pause and Resume Recordings

Live call recordings can be paused and resumed within the Talkdesk interface. This call center software feature can be activated or disabled with a single click to allow for maximum flexibility and to ensure that you store only the most relevant information.

Listen to Call Recordings at Any Time

With Talkdesk, you can review the content of recorded calls at any time. This valuable stored content can aid you in better understanding the needs of your customers and help you prepare for future interactions. It is also useful as a tool for managerial oversight to ensure that your company’s quality standards are being met.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

At Talkdesk, your security is a top priority. Our encrypted software and tamper resistant recordings allow your company to customize your dashboard to comply with all of your regulatory guidelines. This allows you to focus on the most important aspect of your business: providing your customers with excellent customer service.

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