Hybrid Cloud

Choose a hybrid cloud approach and tap the advantages of both worlds simultaneously.

Get the Best of Both Clouds

Companies who want the agility and innovation of a public cloud contact center solution but need to retain a private storage for regulatory or corporate requirements, now get the best of both simultaneously with Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud.

Experience the Advantages of Both Clouds Together

Enjoy the flexibility, agility, scalability, uptime, cost-efficiency and innovation of the public cloud while also leveraging the private storage for customization, security and unique compliance requirements.

Highly Customizable to Your Needs

Gain the flexibility to customize your private storage instance to adhere to your specific security and IT policies.

"We see great benefits for enterprise clients of having data safely stored in a private cloud to comply with their specific internal security and IT requirements, and combining it all with the amazing benefits of having a cutting-edge cloud-native contact center platform — a key success factor in the intelligent experience center."


Comply With Industry Requirements

Hybrid Cloud allows you to store call recordings in a private cloud instance, which is ideal for highly regulated industries with specific data protection requirements such as healthcare or banking.



Learn how Cognosante safeguards patient data and stays 100% HIPAA compliant using Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud.

Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud Features

Private Storage

Get an isolated cloud instance, that you can fully adapt to your internal IT specifications.

Globally Managed Multi-Tenant Solution

Use Talkdesk's innovative portfolio of applications, in a flexible, enterprise-grade, agile environment.

International Data Privacy Compliance

Ensure compliance with information privacy sovereignty laws.

Cutting-Edge Security Standards

All of Talkdesk’s enterprise-class security frameworks to protect critical business information.

Adaptive to Evolving IT Requirements

Easily adapt your private cloud instance to keep up with evolving’ security and compliance demands.

Powered by Talkdesk iQ

Leverage AI infused throughout the platform to drive efficiency and automation everywhere.

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