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Speeding AI implementation in the contact center

Niki Lotte

By Niki Lotte

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Speeding Ai Implementation On Contact Center

Pre-built automations address industry use cases and facilitate better customer journeys.

Machine learning technology and natural language processing have reached a stage that offers more effective interactions between AI and customers than ever before. However, despite consensus around the value of AI, contact center leaders are curbing their AI ambitions because of implementation barriers—impacting their returns on investment and the maturity of their customer experience strategies.

Future Of Ai 2022 Report

One of the biggest implementation barriers is the lack of AI professionals who can build, train, and maintain AI solutions. Organizations are forced to rely heavily on professional services to implement fundamental contact center customizations or outsource to specialized data scientists to program machine learning models and maintain their AI systems.

But powering automation in your contact center doesn’t have to be dependent on data scientists or business resources. Instead, it’s time to enable your contact center administrators and non-technical staff to provision AI use cases themselves.

Bypassing the talent gap to deploy AI technology.

Talkdesk is on a mission to deliver frictionless digital automation to drive contact center efficiency and create better customer experiences. Last year, we introduced the latest additions to the Talkdesk Builder™ suite of low-code and no-code customization tools to enable organizations to easily develop and customize their ideal contact center.

Now, we continue to eliminate barriers to contact center development and customization and circumvent costly, lengthy development cycles with the introduction of smart help.

Smart Help Voicemails Tool

Smart help reduces implementation and operational costs by suggesting contextually relevant, self-service resources—such as technical guides from the Talkdesk Knowledge Base and configuration templates—all within Talkdesk Workspace.

Meet your relevant administrative needs at relevant times.

Smart help anticipates the kind of support your administrator may need based on the Talkdesk App they are working in and suggests the most relevant Talkdesk Knowledge Base articles and templates. With pertinent release notes and product announcements in their line of sight, administrators can gain more awareness of and utilize new features, enhancements, and workflows in your Talkdesk instance.

Jump-start contact center AI with out-of-the-box templates.

Smart help templates address three main use cases:

1. Accelerate AI training with pre-built intent models.
Administrators have access to over 200 pre-built intent models across 6 industries and 3 languages to quickly identify and address the root causes of customer issues and trigger any automated task in a contact center. These intent models address some of the top objectives across industries that customers have when contacting a business and can be used to better orchestrate customer conversations and create a more efficient contact center.

Smart Help Studio Library Product

2. Construct flows to route calls with IVR templates.

Configuring the optimal flow just got easier and faster with pre-packaged omnichannel customer journey templates that provide automation for the most common and routine queries.

Smart Help Studio Product

For example, the voice to digital deflection IVR flow template allows organizations to seamlessly deflect callers to a digital chat through a text message when reaching a voice virtual agent outside business hours. This template also incorporates logic (where you could leverage the pre-built intent library) to route the caller to request a callback or escalate to an agent, if during business hours.

3. Automate routine tasks using Talkdesk Virtual Agent templates.
To facilitate self-service experiences for your customers, consider installing any one of the Talkdesk Virtual Agent templates to instantly start handling common queries. By taking care of basic questions from customers, these virtual agents free up human agents to focus on more complex inquiries. They also work directly with human agents by escalating more complex cases to your contact center team.

Smart Help Virtual Agent

For instance, the FAQs conversational flow template answers commonly asked questions from callers. The flow also lets the caller evaluate whether the answer is helpful or not, and if the answer doesn’t fulfill the question that’s asked, the caller can be connected to a live agent during business hours, helping to increase first contact resolution (FCR) rates.

Power automation in your cloud contact center platform.

With smart help templates, implementing models, flows, and automations specific to your business is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Install the template from smart help template library.
  • If needed, customize the flow or automation to fit your business (e.g., edit business hours or holiday schedule).
  • Publish configuration.

The click-and-install templates and pre-packaged intent library enable your non-technical staff to apply their domain or business expertise to fine-tune the AI models that power automation in your contact center. Injecting their front-line customer and operational knowledge into the model training improves contact center performance and productivity.

True to our mission to drive contact center efficiency and create better customer experiences, Talkdesk will continue to build pre-packaged templates to address a wider variety of use cases and industries. By lowering the barrier to AI adoption in contact centers, smart help can help companies accelerate the implementation and customization of AI models for automation with greater agility and IT autonomy.

Set yourself up for successful deployment and adoption of your contact center solution and improve automation performance by exploring the cloud contact center implementation hub.

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Niki Lotte

Niki Lotte

Niki Lotte is a senior product marketing manager at Talkdesk, where she specializes in developing and executing strategies to promote the services (and the people who make the magic happen) that enable customers to realize the value of their business transformation. When she's not bringing ideas to life, Niki enjoys camping, reading historical fiction, and practicing French, especially to order cheese and pastries.