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4 contact center capabilities critical for your admins and support teams

Summer Ramsey

By Summer Ramsey

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Talkdesk for Salesforce: Technical Support

At Talkdesk, it’s not just about agent productivity and ease of use, it’s also about simplicity and flexibility to create seamless implementation and easy management for your admins.

For your contact center system admins and technical support professionals, every minute counts. Setting up a contact center can be daunting, often riddled with complex plans and time-consuming, manual tasks. Every minute saved is precious time back in the day to focus on what matters, creating an effortless service experience for your agents that delivers for your customers.

Strong integration with your CRM is the foundation to creating a seamless experience for your admins and support teams. When integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, an advanced cloud contact center platform like Talkdesk simplifies complex support processes across your organization. With Talkdesk for Salesforce you can engage customers on the channel they prefer, route issues to the right team promptly, and elevate the entire service experience.

Here are the four capabilities your contact center solution should have to ensure a seamless implementation and ongoing easy management.

1. Easy deployment.

Look for a contact center platform that offers a streamlined deployment process—going live in hours, not days or weeks—and allows you to swiftly integrate with your existing systems.

A platform like Talkdesk takes your admins just a few quick steps to add user licenses and assign permission sets. Plus, adding new users to your contact center platform is as simple as checking a box.

2. Easy set-up.

Depending on your goals, you should be able to identify the Salesforce objects you need and easily sync them with your contact center platform. Ideally, the set-up should be as simple as a few clicks, with data dips and data syncs doing the work, not programmers writing code (hence, the Talkdesk mantra: clicks, not code).

3. Pre-built automations.

Automations streamline many of the manual call center tasks your agents perform and are a top benefit of a contact center platform. While they are crucial to streamlining your business, they shouldn’t be complicated to set up.

Your contact center automations should work seamlessly with your Salesforce workflow rules for maximum impact. Talkdesk’s Salesforce integration goes a step further with Lightning Flow, further streamlining your operations to maximize productivity improvements and allow agents to do the more satisfying work of helping customers.

4. Pre-built dashboards and live reporting.

Insights are key to empowering your team to make data-driven decisions and your contact center platform should allow this necessary visibility without requiring manual creation of reports and dashboards.

Talkdesk prioritizes seamless call center experiences for support teams within Salesforce by offering complete, native reporting functionality. Supervisors can access call reporting in real-time, as well as historical reporting, without ever leaving Salesforce.

Good reporting functionality eliminates time spent manually creating reports and dashboards. Talkdesk provides the industry-leading insights your teams need to make data-driven decisions.

Want to learn more about Talkdesk for Salesforce? Watch the webinar Delivering Exceptional CX with Talkdesk for Salesforce.

Delivering Exceptional CX with Talkdesk for Salesforce

Delivering exceptional CX with Talkdesk for Salesforce


Summer Ramsey

Summer Ramsey

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