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Announcing Talkdesk Flexible Deployment

By Evan Dobkin

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Talkdesk Deployment Options

Different businesses have different needs. Some contact centers struggle with choosing the geographic location to store platform-generated data, in order to meet regional compliance constraints. Others worry about selecting the cloud model that best enables flexibility, scalability and security. For a customer-centric space such as the contact center which processes a large amount of sensitive customer data, a bad deployment choice can be fatal.

These challenges become clearer when taking your business into the digital sphere. This transition should cover all aspects of an organization, including people and culture, marketing and sales, infrastructure and tools. After deciding how and why digital solutions can improve these areas of an organization, only then should the technological response be evaluated and selected.

As we want you to focus on what is truly important for your business, leave the technological aspect to us. With the new and improved Talkdesk® Flexible Deployment options, migrating to the cloud does not have to be so challenging. Choose the best deployment solution for your contact center while still enjoying all the benefits of the AI-powered, flexible and scalable capabilities of Talkdesk’s cloud-native model.

Talkdesk Flexible Deployment

Ultimate flexibility to help you through your digital transformation journey.

You need it, we take care of it

Talkdesk Flexible Deployment is puzzled into different components that factor in prior investments that are not yet able to be deprecated. This includes beneficial carrier relationships, the need for custom storage options and data privacy compliance. Flexible Deployment is an adaptable model that allows organizations to migrate to the cloud on their own terms, maintaining infrastructure investments while still taking advantage of all the benefits of Talkdesk’s cloud-native solution.

How can you migrate to the cloud if you are still operating on a legacy infrastructure that includes an established agreement with a telephony operator? Talkdesk gives you the best of both worlds. With xConnect, you can take advantage of Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center, while retaining your on-premises PBX or your telecom provider. Maintain existing business relationships while enjoying all the benefits of a cloud solution, including agility, flexibility and speed to keep up with ever-changing business and customer expectations by simply connecting it to Talkdesk.

Also part of this deployment model is Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud, which allows contact centers to take full advantage of the innovative, flexible, and powerful public cloud while assuring full control over internal compliance and specific security regulations of enterprise customers through a private storage instance. This means you can enjoy our innovative tools while easily adapting to evolving compliance regulations.

With Talkdesk Regional Cloud, companies can comply with an ever-increasing set of regulations covering data sovereignty, data privacy and industry standards, easily choosing the geographic location where the contact center and storage need to be deployed while not affecting other benefits of an enterprise cloud solution.

Leverage the benefits of an existing relationship or select the cloud vendor that best matches your industry requirements and goals with Talkdesk Select Cloud. Host our contact center platform with any existing cloud provider for the best cloud resilience, elasticity and pace of innovation.

Digital transformation should not stand in the way of your success. Quite on the opposite side: taking your business to the cloud might as well be a long-term strategy for business continuity. Under the current circumstances of the coronavirus (COVID-19), where people are forced to work from home and practice social distancing, Talkdesk’s cloud-native solutions provide all the flexibility, scalability and support you need to meet your specific business needs while fully enabling a remote workforce.

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Evan Dobkin

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