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Embrace the cloud. Transform your business.

By João Safara

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"When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar."

George Westerman, principal research scientist with the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy.

Becoming customer-centric is key for organizations to survive. Companies must focus on the customer at every interaction, including sales, marketing, support and others. The customer is the essential part of driving engagement and success within an organization, just as much as infrastructure, security or tools, as it is the number one factor when creating loyalty and retention within the brand.

Digital transformation, usually defined as the process of injecting digital technology into tools and culture of an organization in order to reinvent customer experience and challenge the status quo, should always, as any other change in an organization, place the customer first and foremost, as redefining and rediscovering customer interaction is at the core of how and why an organization is moving forward.

According to PNC Financial Services Group, “40 percent of the top 20 businesses in every industry will face a new competitive threat, often using new digital techniques to change the industry landscape”. On the other hand, a total of 82% of CEOs have a digital transformation program underway to make their companies more digital, according to Mark Raskino, distinguished VP analyst at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo.

Talkdesk® believes that a successful digital transformation is a strategy that applies to all stages of a business. Successful digital transformation involves partners, customers and employees across all levels, in order to create an effective competitive advantage. A strategic transformation should not be led by changes in technology, but instead by a deep look into the organization and its industry to create a sustainable path toward long-term success.

Embrace the cloud. Transform your business.

According to Cloud Industry Forum, 71% of businesses plan to build new applications for the cloud, moving away from legacy, on-premises platforms in favor of a cloud-native approach. In fact, 87% expect to increase their use of cloud in the next year. As a cloud-native contact center solution, with a microservices architecture that provides unprecedented advantages of speed, agility, scale and reliability, Talkdesk is already ahead of the game.

Outdated, on-premises systems are not a sustainable solution for today’s businesses. They are inflexible, expensive to maintain and difficult to upgrade. Cloud infrastructure is becoming the norm for the most innovative and successful companies today, and is quickly becoming a crucial component for those looking to set the new business standards of tomorrow.

A cloud-native approach presents a number of advantages for a successful digital business transformation. We start with a flexible deployment model that allows customers and partners to choose the best options for their business constraints, ranging from data protection to geographical compliance regulation, and go all the way down to remote and intelligent security tools that can easily analyze user behavior and monitor sensitive data.

With a strategic goal of improving the customer experience by becoming more customer-centric, migrating more technology to the cloud makes it easier to bridge data silos and share information across systems. For example, cloud integration with existing CRM systems translates into easy and automatic access to customer data and history, thus enabling a more personalized experience for both parts.


Talkdesk CX Services: a new service offering backed by Talkdesk’s white-glove approach and expertise in driving customer experience strategies, enablement and success for global enterprises.

How can Talkdesk help you?

Talkdesk is the strategic partner to help businesses be successful in their digital transformation, delivering a flexible and customizable solution to meet business needs. Talkdesk’s cloud-native enterprise solution is easy to implement, maintain and update. As the industry leader in security certifications, including SOC2, SOC3 and PCI-DSS level 1, HIPAA and GDPR compliance, Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive set of security certifications and standards to ensure all security measures are in place to securely transition data and safeguard customer information going forward.

Partnering with Talkdesk ensures a successful digital transformation tailored to each of the customers within the CCaaS industry (Contact Center as a Service), fulfilling the stages of consulting, enablement and realization. Talkdesk guides companies through each step of the process with expert services, technical account management, a dedicated customer success manager, 24×7 premium support and stands behind it all with an available 100% Uptime SLA.

Talkdesk enables a step-by-step, non-disruptive transition, delivering a holistic strategy that focuses on deployment, compliance and security, while providing the scalability and reliability of complete digital transformation to cloud contact center solutions.

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