Choose your storage deployment and cloud location with data residency.

Data Residency Security Compliance

Comply with regulations, legislation, and corporate policies on where and how to store customer data.

Leverage Talkdesk flexible cloud deployment solutions to store and process your data in a specific geography or in a private cloud for added protection. Talkdesk Regional Cloud™ and Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud™ give you choices.

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Select your data storage region.

Choose any of the available deployment locations with Talkdesk Regional Cloud to store and process all your private customer interaction data. Stay compliant with privacy regulations by maintaining control of your data in your preferred region.

Hybrid Cloud Explained

Choose your storage deployment model.

Choose how you want to store your data with Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud. Take advantage of the agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency of the public cloud, while also leveraging private storage to meet legal requirements and provide an additional layer of security with Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud.


"We see great benefits for enterprise clients of having data safely stored in a private cloud to comply with their specific internal security and IT requirements, and combining it all with the amazing benefits of having a cutting-edge cloud-native contact center platform — a key success factor in the intelligent experience center."

Pedro Pombo Managing director, Accenture Digital

Meet regulatory requirements.

Ensure compliance with local data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, with national data sovereignty laws, and with banking, financial services or other industry regulations.

Talkdesk Customer Story Cognosante


Learn how Cognosante safeguards patient data and stays 100% HIPAA compliant using Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud.

Choose your preferred region.

Our global cloud infrastructure offers regional deployment options so you can choose the geographic location where your contact center data is stored and processed.

Meet regulatory requirements.

Comply with local data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, national data sovereignty laws, financial services and healthcare regulations, as well as other industry standards.

Talkdesk Regional Cloud features.

Globally managed multi-tenant solution

Drive innovation and revenue with Talkdesk CX Cloud’s end to end suite of customer experience applications.

Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud features.

Private storage

Get an isolated cloud instance that you can fully adapt to your internal IT specifications.

Additional deployment options.


Connect to any carrier.

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