How Generative AI will transform retail customer service in 2023

How Generative Ai Will Transform Retail Customer Service In 2023

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Automation, empowerment, and illumination – those are the three words we would use to describe GenAI’s impact on retail customer service in 2024 and beyond.

Join Michael Connor, the Global Head of Consumer Goods for Amazon Web Services, and Shannon Flanagan, the VP of Global Industry Strategy for Retail & Consumer Goods at Talkdesk, as they provide their expert opinions on how retailers and brands should approach the application of GenAI to customer service.

Collectively they will review:

  • Talkdesk’s latest research findings on customer service and Generative AI.
  • Whom GenAI will impact the most – the retailer, the customer, or the service agent?
  • Where we can expect GenAI to find its most immediate applications within retail and brand customer service operations.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, what, if any, roadblocks retailers face in adopting GenAI and how they can overcome them.


Speakers Nrf 2023 Retail Big Shows Shannon Flanagan
Shannon Flanagan

VP of Global Industry Strategy for Retail & Consumer Goods at Talkdesk

Headshot Michael Connor
Michael Connor

Global Head of Consumer Goods at Amazon Web Services