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Month of Gratitude!

As we near the end of 2020, we reflect, with immense gratitude, on four key themes: our recognition, our customers, our partners, and our employees. The result of these four themes coming together have led us to where we are today. 



Recognition Week: "The Journey to Great Begins with Gratitude"

Talkdesk CEO, Tiago Paiva, shares what he’s grateful for in 2020.

"All those voices echoing loudly across industries, across time zones in support of Talkdesk is one of the reasons we are a leader."

Tiago Paiva, CEO



Customers Week: “It’s More than Customer Appreciation”

Talkdesk Chief Customer Officer, Chad Gaydos, expresses his gratitude for our customers entrusting us with their CX journey.

"I am grateful for our customers who choose to stand with us in the midst of change."

Tiago Paiva, CEO



Partners Week: “Partnering With Innovators”

Talkdesk SVP of Global Channels and Alliances, John Youri, talks about being thankful for our trusted partnerships.


Giving Tuesday

Talkdesk CMO, Kathie Johnson, discusses our Giving Tuesday initiatives, including our support of The Trevor Project and 9 other charitable organizations.

"Innovation is a collaborative process, and innovation is a Talkdesk hallmark."

Tiago Paiva, CEO



Employees Week: “How We Continue to Enjoy the Ride”

Talkdesk Chief Product Officer, Charanya Kannan, shares how honored she is to work with such a tremendous team that continues to put our customers first.

We Are Thankful For Our Employees and Our Shared Values

Move Fast

We move quickly in the market, constantly innovate, and improve our products to anticipate customers demands before they are made. We respond with urgency to drive results.

Do Whatever It Takes

We do whatever it takes to make the impossible possible. We are action-driven, gritty, accountable and scrappy. We work together to break down walls and go the extra mile.

Be Proud

We take pride in our work as well as our contributions to our team and our company. We take pride in providing the best experience possible to our customers.

Enjoy The Ride

We embrace positivity and fun, we treat challenges as stepping stones, and we enjoy the adventure that we are on together. We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures.

move fast

Kylie McFadden

People Business Partner, 1.5 Years, San Francisco, USA


I am surrounded by the most hard-working and supportive people! Things move really fast here, but folks never hesitate to drop their tasks to help me with any situation I had trouble navigating. I’m thankful to be a part of such a collaborative environment, and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for Talkdesk!

Do Whatever It Takes

Marília Moita

Lead Product Designer, 7 Months, Porto, Portugal


Being part of Talkdesk is being able to do whatever it takes: doing things differently, promoting innovation, challenging the odds and not being afraid to fail. There is no doubt I am truly grateful to have the chance to be part of this journey and to work alongside brilliant, capable, open minded and inspiring professionals.

be proud

Dan Shamouilian

Director, Customer Success, 5 Years, San Francisco, USA


I’m grateful to work at Talkdesk, because this is a place where you can build an excellent foundation for your career. At Talkdesk, good ideas are rewarded, and every team member is encouraged to get out of their swim lane and contribute for the betterment of the team.

enjoy the ride

Pedro Pereira

VP, Global Head of Product & Engineering, UC/CPaaS, 3 Months, Coimbra, Portugal


I was given the opportunity to challenge myself, share my experience and learn with the amazing Talkdesk team. The dynamic and cooperative environment that I have found is architectured to grow and destined to succeed. I’m truly grateful to our team for accepting me onboard, and I’m enjoying every day of this ride!

"I am grateful for the strength of our people, their resilience and for their trust."

Tiago Paiva, CEO

The Spirit of Giving

We are so thankful for everyone who has made 2020 successful for us. We know it’s been a challenging year so we want to share some content pieces we think will help you continue to grow and exceed customer expectations. 

We will also send you a little token of our appreciation later via email!

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