Our sustainability Statement

Every conversation is a moment that matters... let’s talk sustainability.

Our Sustainability Statement

Our commitment to corporate sustainability is rooted in our company values.

Courageous Innovation

Courageous innovation.

As a company that was born in the cloud, Talkdesk is committed to using and delivering technologies that have minimal impact on the environment and reduce carbon footprint/emissions.

From our global remote-first workforce to our innovative products, we are not tied to on-premises solutions with excessive power consumption, but rather focus on providing sustainable alternatives that drive business agility. Additionally, Talkdesk strives to partner with other environmentally conscious companies and suppliers.

Diversity Equity Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of our core values. We know courageous innovation, another one of our values, is not possible unless our people reflect the diverse communities we serve, and our culture seeks to ensure that all voices are heard. 50% of our executive leadership team are women – something that is too rare in technology today. We also have a highly engaged, and funded, employee resource group focused on DEI supporting our inclusive and diverse culture that is representative of all communities in which we live and serve. We support our inclusive culture by requiring all Talkdeskers to complete our DEI-centered training curriculum on Talkdesk University (our e-learning platform), measuring the impact through our employee engagement surveys, and ensuring all voices are heard through providing an anonymous suggestion box.

Community Environmental Giving

Community and environmental giving.

Community and environmental giving is a core value at Talkdesk. We believe in giving back to our community by volunteering our time, supporting non-profits, and minimizing our global footprint. Operating on a remote-first workplace model, we empower Talkdeskers to make a positive impact near home and their environment (wherever that may be) through support for nonprofits and Volunteerism while fostering team relationships. We give our employees one day a quarter to volunteer to a cause and, for every new Talkdesk customer, we make a donation each quarter in support of planting one tree. In addition, we provide employees the opportunity to donate the funds the company would have spent in lieu of receiving a year-end employee gift.

The future is our customer, and we are customer obsessed.

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