Regional Cloud

Choose your cloud geographic deployment zone.

The Cloud That Goes Wherever You Need It To

Take advantage of everything a cloud-native contact center has to offer, wherever you want it. Regional Cloud gives you the flexibility to deploy your contact center in specific regions in order to comply with local or industry data regulations and your business requirements.

Choose Your Preferred Region

Our global cloud infrastructure offers regional deployment options so you can choose the geographic location where your contact center services run, as well as where your data is stored.

Meet Your Regulatory Requirements

Ensure compliance with local data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, with national data sovereignty laws and with banking, financial services or other industry regulations.

Here Are Some of Our Security and Compliance Certifications

Keep It Regional

Use any of the available deployment locations with Regional Cloud so all private customer interaction data is stored and processed in your preferred region and you stay compliant with privacy regulations.

According to IDC,
by the end of 2020,
67% of all
will be cloud-based.

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