Talkdesk Platform

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid environment to take full advantage of our innovative and powerful public cloud solution while adhering to your specific internal security and IT requirements, through the private cloud

Get the Best of Both Clouds

A dynamic hybrid cloud solution for companies who require a best-in-class enterprise cloud contact center that adapts to the evolving nature of operating globally.

Experience The Advantages Of Both Clouds

Enjoy the full public cloud’s advantages, such as agility, scalability, uptime guarantee, and cost-efficiency and the private cloud’s customization, security, and ability to transform to meet each company’s unique needs.

"We see great benefit for some enterprise clients of having data safely stored in a private cloud to comply with their specific internal security and IT requirements, and combine it all with the amazing benefits of having a cutting-edge cloud-native contact center platform, a key success factor in the Intelligent Experience Center."

Pedro Pombo, Managing Director, Accenture Digital

Customize to Enterprise-grade Policies

Create a competitive edge in our Hybrid Cloud completely tailored to your specific needs; as part of a digital transformation or to meet the most demanding regional and industry security standards.

Talkdesk Hybrid Cloud Features

Private Storage

An isolated cloud instance where the customer prefers, guaranteeing full adaptability to IT specifications.

Globally Managed Solution

Access to the best of Talkdesk in a flexible, enterprise-grade and agile environment, combined with the customer’s specific adaptations.

International Data Privacy Compliance

Ensure compliance with information privacy sovereignty laws.

Cutting-Edge Security Standards

All of Talkdesk’s enterprise-class security frameworks to protect critical business information.

Integration with Evolving IT Requirements

As customers’ security and compliance needs change, it’s possible to continuously adapt to keep up with the demand.

Full Control of Specific Security and Compliance

Guarantee individual control over internal enterprise-specific policies in the cloud.

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Experience the Cloud Contact Center for Innovative Enterprises

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