Contact Tags

Assign unique tags to your contacts to easily sort and search by tag, compile lists based on tags and quickly identify each contact by his/her tag.

Contact tags allow you to easily label your Talkdesk contacts with important information. Once applied, you can use tags to identify contacts when they call, search within contact databases and compile tag-based lists. Contact tags are a simple way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

Automatic Tag Creation

When importing contacts from an integrated business tool, Talkdesk automatically tags each contact with the name of the business tool from where it has been retrieved. This is a simple way for you to keep track of which contacts exist in both systems.

Identify Contacts by Tags

Apply tags to contacts so that your agents can easily identify customers when they call. You can create tags with information such as title, type of customer, funnel stage, vertical or anything else that might be meaningful to your company. This helps to maximize agent knowledge and enhances the customer experience.

Sort Contacts by Tags

Talkdesk allows you to easily sort all of your contacts by their tags. For example, you may want to tag some customers as VIPs. When you’d like to see a full list of those VIP customers, simply select that tag from the dropdown menu and your list will automatically compile. This feature enables you to easily stay organized, so that when you want to call only a select group of customers, you can.

Search for Contacts by Tags

If you are having difficulty finding a contact but can only remember their tag (i.e., prospect, VIP customer, V.C., vendor, partner, etc.), Talkdesk’s interface enables you to search through contact lists by tag alone. This makes it easy to locate contacts, no matter how much or how little you remember about them. As always, Talkdesk is designed to save you time and effort so that you can focus on your customers.

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