Agent-to-Agent Calling

Promote collaboration within your team with one-click dialing to Talkdesk users on the same company account.

Agent-to-agent calling enables one-click calls to anyone who has a Talkdesk account in your organization. Simply select a name from your dropdown menu and click “Call”. You will also be able to view which of your agents are available to field calls by looking at their status, which is displayed next to their name on the call bar. This feature eliminates dialing errors, facilitates collaboration and increases efficiency.

Promote Team Collaboration

When an email or chat is not the most effective means of communication, use agent-to-agent calling to reach out to colleagues over the phone. This will promote positive interactions between team members, enhance team collaboration and expedite the problem solving process.

Call Remote Agents

Agent-to-agent calling allows you to call anyone on your team with a Talkdesk account. Call your agents who are working from home, traveling internationally or simply in another department. This call center software feature makes it effortless to communicate with your team members, even if they are spread out all over the world.

Increase Efficiency

Call another agent directly from your browser with Talkdesk. No need to remember their phone number, extension or department – just type in their first or last name to place the call. Agent-to-agent calling eliminates barriers to communication so your company can increase efficiency and spend more time focusing on your customers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

With this feature, agents will be able to quickly call technical support staff to get answers, while the customer waits on the line. This allows the customer to get an immediate answer, without being shuffled around to multiple agents. This results in better customer service and increased customer satisfaction.

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