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Embrace the digital era by automating key business processes in the contact center

By João Safara

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Embrace Digital Automate Business Processes

Call centers are often high-stress environments, especially when customer demands relate to urgent issues such as health or financial well-being.  Automating processes and tasks is a key step to reducing stress and boosting productivity.

For contact centers, the competitive advantage lies with being customer-centric and providing the best customer experience (CX) possible. However, the advantages of automation go way beyond the relationship with the customer. Let us walk you through some of the advantages of business process automation.

For agents

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is a great way to reduce the time that agents spend on repetitive, manual tasks. Automated data storage systems can bring up both real-time and historical data, so the agent has all relevant information on hand and can focus on providing a superior customer experience. AI-infused assistance systems can also guide agents through recommended next steps, ensuring customers get what they need while reducing overall average handle time (AHT).

For supervisors

Some vital processes of supervising contact center teams include workforce management and quality management. Injecting automation means the technology can proactively take care of scheduling and forecasting, freeing up time for supervisors. Additionally, it is easier to manage your knowledge base, as an automated platform usually includes intuitive and easy-to-use layouts, as well as rich analytics. Supervisors will find information sharing  much smoother and be able to provide more timely feedback.

For customers

Solving customer demands doesn’t have to be stressful or take a lot of time. An AI-powered chatbot can mimic human interactions and guide customers through issue resolution without the need for a human agent. This means end users can usually get their needs resolved through alternative channels other than voice and without waiting long in line. An automated customer workflow can also recognize if a caller has just reached out with a complaint and immediately provided compensation by sending, for example, a triggered discount voucher in their email inbox.

Our white paper Cut Costs in Your Contact Center by Moving to the Cloud: Four Steps to Digital Transformation outlines a variety of benefits of moving your customer support systems to the cloud to reduce costs while maintaining operational efficiency. Download it below and let Talkdesk support you in every step of your digital transformation.

How Cut Costs Moving Your Contact Center Cloud

Cut Costs in Your Contact Center by Moving to the Cloud

This white paper outlines the business case for a cloud-native contact center and provides a roadmap to successfully transition your operations to the cloud without disrupting your customer experience team’s ability to service your clients.

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