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Begin your digital transformation by integrating core CX systems

By João Safara

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Migrating to the cloud is one of the first steps to transform your contact center into a strategic asset that is capable of delivering a 21st century customer experience (CX). A cloud platform provides the flexibility and extensibility to rapidly add capabilities and unify your core CX systems on a single platform with a common data model.

This allows data from traditionally siloed applications, such as marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM) and payment systems, to be aggregated in a centralized hub for a much deeper level of analysis. Each step of the customer journey – from the first point of contact to the most current interaction – is captured to create a complete picture.

Agents can dip into this nuanced information from any application on the platform to seamlessly create unique experiences for each and every customer. What is the best time to reach out to a customer? What channel does she prefer to be contacted on? When was the last time she interacted with an agent? Was the experience positive?

System integration also means you can create ideal workflows across applications. For example, your order management system could let agents know the status of a customer order at hand, and if the wait time is past a certain threshold, a marketing automation tool could then automatically send a promotion to keep the customer happy. This equals one smooth experience in a shorter amount of time.

Return on investment (ROI) for system integration

Cloud contact centers that enable integrations with enterprise systems are bound to present superior ROI and tremendous effects on your call center KPIs. Integrating systems dedicated to task automation, workforce engagement, customer data, among others, will lead to better aggregated views and resolutions of customer needs, thus generating better CX.

Productivity of your contact center staff is sure to be optimized, while metrics such as average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR) will show more positive turnouts.

Our white paper Cut Costs in Your Contact Center by Moving to the Cloud: Four Steps to Digital Transformation outlines a variety of benefits of moving your customer support systems to the cloud to reduce costs while maintaining operational efficiency. Download it below and let Talkdesk support you in every step of your digital transformation.

Cut Costs In Your Contact Center By Moving To The Cloud

Cut costs in your contact center by moving to the cloud

This white paper outlines the business case for a cloud-native contact center and provides a roadmap to successfully transition your operations to the cloud without disrupting your customer experience team’s ability to service your clients.

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