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Customize your contact center: Adapt to the unexpected with speed

Alain Mowad

By Alain Mowad

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Talkdesk Builder

Customize every aspect of the contact center for automation, interfaces, routing, reporting, and integrations with expanded low-code and no-code tools.

If we learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that we don’t know what we don’t know. And what we don’t know can happen at any time. Constantly navigating uncertainty and adapting to sudden changes with agility and speed has become our new reality.

This reality is no different for businesses and brands who are constantly adjusting to changing economic conditions as well as the ever evolving demands of their customers. Customer retention and loyalty have become increasingly difficult to maintain as customer expectations constantly change and it’s easier than ever to switch brands. Customer retention has now become a critical competitive advantage for any business.

According to a recent Talkdesk Research™ report, 49% of consumers say that they stopped working with a company in the past year because of an instance of poor customer service. This means that orchestrating an excellent customer experience every time a customer reaches your business can be the difference between them remaining loyal and happy or abandoning your business to a competitor.

Traditionally, implementing and customizing a contact center to support the best customer experience has been an expensive and time-consuming activity, which is no longer compatible with the agile needs of a modern business. Contact centers need to be up and running quickly with the ability to make changes to adapt to dynamic business needs, unique organizational or industry requirements, and individual customer expectations.

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Talkdesk Builder solves this problem and breaks the traditional contact center development paradigm. By introducing a suite of low-code and no-code tools, Talkdesk has empowered IT professionals and even non-technical staff to implement and make changes to their contact center quickly and easily. Talkdesk Studio, the Talkdesk orchestration builder, provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to configure complex orchestration flows that include automation and self-service as well as assisted service. Talkdesk Connections, the Talkdesk integrations builder, provides a simple way to connect the Talkdesk cloud contact center platform to any third-party system in a matter of minutes. With Talkdesk Explore, businesses can rapidly build highly customized reports and analytics.

Talkdesk Workspace Designer and Talkdesk Automation Designer are the newest additions to Talkdesk Builder, which reiterate the Talkdesk commitment to offer agility, flexibility, and effortless customization.

Talkdesk Automation Designer is a no-code, point-click-publish tool that allows frontline workers to design customer-centric, AI-powered automations across the customer journey.

  • Builds dynamic conversation flows that intelligently respond to and resolve customer queries.
  • Simplifies process creation to allow frontline users to instantly define and launch workflows that cater to their specific challenges.
  • Optimizes business processes for a variety of use cases, such as conversational flow design for virtual agents, scripted agent conversations, and more.

Talkdesk Workspace Designer is a low-code tool for empowering IT teams and business users to effortlessly design, modify, and launch customized user interfaces for every contact center role.

  • Improves business agility, enhances productivity, reduces errors, and enables enterprises to adapt to market changes through rapid customization of the employee experience.
  • Minimizes development resources by reducing the strain on IT departments.
  • Decreases costs and resources associated with traditional interface development, allowing organizations to shift investments toward other business-critical efforts.

Take an interactive tour of Talkdesk Automation Designer and Talkdesk Workspace Designer to experience how easy it is to leverage and use these two new Talkdesk Builder tools. Adjusting to change with agility and speed is the new business paradigm. Low-code and no-code tools that allow full customization ensure contact centers can pivot quickly to accommodate and embrace change. Talkdesk Builder provides a comprehensive suite of low-code and no-code tools to create the best customer experience to achieve loyal customers that are brand advocates. And in the end, that’s what really matters.


Alain Mowad

Alain Mowad

Alain Mowad has close to 30 years of experience in the enterprise and SaaS contact center and unified communications spaces, in both product management and product marketing roles. In his spare time, Alain likes to coach and play ice hockey and get actively involved in parent and community groups.