The Impact of Data Regulations on Contact Centers

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Edgar Pimenta, Information Security Director at Talkdesk
Evan Dobkin, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Talkdesk

When it became effective in May 2018, GDPR brought new challenges to organizations doing business in the EU, requiring them to improve their data protection for consumers, giving those consumers (data subjects) more control over their data and improving notifications of data breaches in addition to other standards. For many businesses, this represented a significant shift in the way they operate and required finding new trusted partners to navigate what’s likely the first in a series of new data regulations.

Join us to learn what’s happened in the year since GDPR became standard and the impact the new regulations have on contact centers.

You will learn how the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (January 1, 2020) and the recently-proposed New York Privacy Act will impact the way you collect data in the contact center.

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