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How to excel at managing and exceeding customer expectations.

Excel Managing Exceeding Customer Expectations

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Customers today have ever-higher expectations on quality, response times, personalization, and more. Not only this, but they’re forming these expectations around the best experiences they have with any organisation – not just your direct competitors.

This undoubtedly adds more pressure to the role of being a customer service leader. So, if you’re feeling the heat, join this webinar for some fresh thinking on managing and exceeding customer expectations.

Topics Discussed:

  • What’s driving customer expectations in 2024 and beyond.

  • Top tips for managing customer expectations.

  • What exceeding customer expectations really looks like (when the bar is already set so high).

  • How the latest technology can help.


Bob Benner Headshot
Bob Benner

Senior Director AI, Talkdesk

Jason Roberts Headshot
Jason Roberts

Appropriate Consulting Limited