Delivering ROI with Generative AI: A Journey Towards Responsible CX

Delivering Roi With Generative Ai A Journey Towards Responsible Cx

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Join us for a special event as we explore the journey of our valued customers in harnessing the potential of Generative AI, a transformative force in the world of customer experience.

In 2018, Talkdesk embarked on a mission to empower our customers with cutting-edge AI and automation for the contact center. Now, with the introduction of Generative AI, this journey has led to the development of AI solutions that not only prioritize safety and effectiveness but also empower agents to excel, boost self-service rates, accelerate automation, and unearth invaluable insights from customer conversations.

During this event, we will dive deep into the accomplishments of our customers, showcasing:

  • Agent Empowerment: Learn how Generative AI has empowered agents to become efficient, enhancing their abilities and job satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Self-Service: Explore the ways in which our customers have improved self-service rates, providing customers with quick and precise answers.
  • Automation Acceleration: Gain insights into how automation has been accelerated, streamlining processes and reducing administrative burden.
  • Insight Extraction: Understand how our customers have harnessed Generative AI to extract actionable insights from customer conversations, even unknown unknowns.
  • Safe and Effective AI: Discover how our customers have successfully implemented Generative AI that prioritizes safety and effectiveness in every customer interaction.

Pedro Andrade, VP of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Channels at Talkdesk, will share these stories along with his perspectives on the responsible use of AI in CX, ethical considerations in AI implementation, and his visionary outlook on the future of Generative AI in customer service.

Whether you are a CX professional, an AI enthusiast, or simply interested in the ethical dimensions of AI, this event is for you. Join us to celebrate the journey of our customers and the transformative potential of Generative AI in delivering responsible CX.


Pedro Andrade Partner Tech Connect
Pedro Andrade

VP of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Channels at Talkdesk