How Real-Time Call Analytics Can Help Your Reps Have Smarter Conversations

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Your sales and support reps are the frontline of your organization, and every conversation they have matters. Real-time call analytics maximize every conversation by capturing what customers and prospects are saying to provide predictive insights and powerful data on what matters most to you. You will be able to better manage your business, increase sales, drive stronger customer engagement and reduce churn.

Watch the webinar for a deep dive into the world of real-time call analytics for sales and support teams. You will learn:

  • How TalkIQ’s best-in-class speech recognition and AI-driven technology provides recommendations and predicts call outcomes in real time
  • How to surface competitor insights and customer sentiments across all of your phone calls
  • How to incorporate real-time call analytics in your QA practices and optimize representative coaching
  • How TalkIQ can be effortlessly integrated with Talkdesk’s contact center platform
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