Adapting Your Company to the Modern Workforce

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Shauna Geraghty, SVP and Head of Global People and Operations at Talkdesk

Kerry Wang, CEO and Co-founder at Searchlight.ai

Cara Brennan, SVP of People, Places and Learning at Udemy


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the ongoing shift to remote work. In addition, the labor market has seen massive growth with the gig-economy participation. The combination of these two factors has forced employers to reevaluate their hiring, onboarding and staff management planning. 

Join Shauna Geraghty, Senior Vice President, Head of Global People and Operations for a roundtable discussion with fellow Human Resources and People Operations experts about the new normal of hiring and employee engagement.The panelists will discuss best practices for remote candidate evaluation, how to onboard new staff and how to adopt new tools and techniques to make your hiring, training and career development practices modernized.

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