5 Voice AI Secrets of Ultra-Efficient Contact Centers

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Talkdesk + Root Insurance + Observe.ai


Lindsey Plocek, Head of Marketing, Observe.ai
Jafar Adibi, Head of Data Science and AI, Talkdesk
Kyle Kizer, Manager of Service Operations, Root Insurance

How do you get customers to take ownership of their support experience, reducing costs in an industry that’s accustomed to a high-touch approach? That’s the challenge Root Insurance faced as it scaled its business overnight and grew its support team from 20 to 120 people.

For Root Insurance, Voice AI plays a major role in operating the ultra-efficient Contact Center of the future. In this webinar, Root Insurance shares five secrets for harnessing the power of Voice AI to enhance agent performance, including tailoring coaching conversations, up-skilling agents, and driving customers to DIY. You’ll also hear tips to reimagine your quality program and we’ll finish with the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of using AI for quality automation.

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