3 Key Trends Driving Self-Service AI Adoption

3 Key Trends Driving Self-Service AI Adoption

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Jafar Adibi, Head of AI and Data Science, Talkdesk
Evan Dobkin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Talkdesk

It’s estimated that nearly 1 in 6 customer service interactions will be handled by AI in the near future. This would be a significant shift from only a few years ago where AI technologies were expensive to adopt and required significant expertise to manage. Companies see the value in applying AI to transform their self-service offerings from basic IVR and knowledge bases to conversational chatbots and virtual agents. How does a company get started developing AI strategy around customer self-service that will boost efficiencies while putting the customer first?

Join Evan Dobkin, Talkdesk Senior Product Marketing Manager and Jafar Adibi, Head of AI and Data Science for an in-depth analysis on which AI technologies will shape the future of customer self-service.

You’ll learn why:

  • Knowledge management is central to service success
  • AI should be part of a transformational strategy
  • How voice fits with the modernization of the contact center