3 Best Practices to Support Customer Service Teams During a Pandemic

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Matt Dixon, Chief Product & Research Officer, Tethr
Ted McKenna, Senior Vice President of Product, Tethr
Diogo Vasques, Product Marketing Manager, Talkdesk


In the two weeks immediately after the WHO declaration of Covid-19 being a global pandemic, Tethr conducted a comprehensive customer service study of roughly 1 million customer-service calls, involving more than 20 companies across a broad cross-section of industries. The study used a proprietary 250-variable algorithm that allowed Tethr to score the effort level of a customer’s interaction — ranging from “difficult” to “easy” for the customer to accomplish their goal — as well as the underlying drivers behind those scores. The analysis showed the average company experienced a significant double-digit increase in the percentage of calls scored as “difficult.” The findings were troubling and spells difficult waters ahead for support and contact centers, but the study provides meaningful insights for CX and customer service leaders as well.

Join our interactive webinar with Matt Dixon, Chief Product & Research Officer at Tethr and author of “The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty,” and Ted McKenna, Senior Vice President of Product at Tethr, and Talkdesk’s Diogo Vasques, Product Marketing Manager and discover the three best practices that can help to coach your frontline reps, while reducing customer effort and mitigating disloyalty in this volatile environment. You’ll learn:

  • The results of the research analyzing one million phone calls about COVID-19
  • The impact of the crisis on CX and customer service leaders
  • Three best practices companies can put to work immediately to support their teams and improve customer service





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