The CX Revolution in Financial Services and Insurance

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The financial services industry is at an inflection point with customer experience (CX). There is a focus on expanding digital touchpoints, working to integrate data and systems, and delivering a truly connected experience. Financial services customers expect easy, smooth interactions that make them feel known and valued, and in the absence of this, churn is an active threat.

In this report, we reveal insights from our major global research survey that uncovers how financial services and insurance organizations are rethinking and repositioning contact centers. This report focuses on five key elements:

  • How the stakes in CX are rising

  • Why driving better CX outcomes is challenging

  • How contact centers are at the core of transforming CX

  • New ways to strategize deeper customer intelligence

  • How to shift agents from productivity to production

Download the report for inspiration and guidance in unlocking and harnessing the true potential of your own contact center.

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