Improving patient experience through AI in the contact center.

Improving Patient Experience Through Ai Contact Center Ebook

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The use of AI in healthcare contact centers is revolutionizing the way providers interact with patients and manage healthcare operations. AI technologies are enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and patient satisfaction by automating routine tasks, providing personalized responses, and analyzing large datasets for actionable insights.

In this ebook we explore the challenges and solutions of two healthcare providers:

Memorial Healthcare System

  • Utilizing AI to handle 23% of appointment booking.
  • Designing seamless patient journeys from the ground-up.
  • Building new operational processes.
  • Learning and iterating with ongoing analysis and optimization.

Evara Health

  • 50% of calls handled by AI agents.
  • Giving control to patients.
  • Diverting transactional call traffic and empowering human agents.
  • Integrating the Electronic Health Record.