Talkdesk for Salesforce

A new breed of call center software, fully integrated with the world’s #1 customer success platform

Quick Setup In Salesforce

Deploy Talkdesk for Salesforce, add Talkdesk licenses and assign user permission sets without ever leaving Salesforce. Our streamlined configuration gives you complete control over your call center settings, so you can decide how calls are logged according to your specific needs.

Powerful Omnichannel Solution

Allow your customers to reach your business using the channel most convenient for them. With Talkdesk, you can provide both phone and SMS support directly within Salesforce. Easily manage work items across multiple channels by leveraging an integration with Salesforce Omni-Channel.

Comprehensive Historical Reports

Gain a deeper understanding of your team’s performance by creating customized historical reports and dashboards using Talkdesk’s 20+ prebuilt templates. Correlate call data with your sales and service metrics to see which channels are most effective and quickly perform trend analysis for forecasting.

Native Real-Time Reporting

See at-a-glance information and detailed breakdowns of call center metrics with Talkdesk Live real-time reporting. Use KPI thresholds to track shifts in performance and receive alerts when performance falls off target. You’ll have the all-encompassing visibility you need within a single application.

Intelligent Routing Configuration

Leverage your Salesforce customer data to expedite how you route your customers to the best agents or reps based on Cases, Leads, Accounts or Contact records. Empower your agents and reps to have more informed, personalized conversations that deliver results.

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