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How to become CX-obsessed in 3 easy steps

By João Safara

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The world has changed. Digital transformation is not a dream on the horizon for businesses anymore, it is a strategy to survive. An executive survey by PTC finds that 80% of those who have implemented digital transformation technologies say they were able to deliver new value for smart, connected products throughout their lifecycle, while 60% said they have created new business models as a result.

Digital transformation is not, however, something you can do overnight. Instead of focusing on the technology part and how it can be a competitive advantage, strategic-thinking companies pursue a holistic, piece-by-piece transition that covers all aspects of an organization, including people, culture, security, compliance and others.

Creating a vision of the customer interactions they want to deliver is a crucial step for a transforming organization. A Gartner study shows that more than two-thirds of companies now compete on the basis of customer experience and another study finds that 62% of companies will now invest to meet the changing needs of customers. This places becoming more CX-centric at the center of a company’s strategic decision-making with the need to understand all elements that are involved.

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In the Contact Center as a Service industry, customer experience (CX) is of the highest importance. For example, as an enterprise cloud platform, Talkdesk® easily integrates with a variety of customer data and communication systems, such as Zendesk, Salesforce and Slack. This has, over the years, translated into results such as reduction of time spent on manual tasks and higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) via more personalized engagement.

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  • Evan Dobkin, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Talkdesk

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