Digital Business Transformation: Three Best Practices to Become CX Centric

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Neerav Mistry, Vice President of IT, Hornblower Group Incorporated
Katherine Lovelace, Global Head of Value Consulting, Talkdesk
Evan Dobkin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Talkdesk

78% of CxOs believe that their industry is changing so rapidly that digital transformation is needed just to survive. For most industries, becoming better at Customer Experience (CX) is critical to set themselves apart from competitors and maintain positive relationships with their existing customers. While CX improvements lead to better outcomes for both customers and employees, many companies fall into the trap of first buying new technology that promises to solve this equation, without first transforming their business to create a strategy for CX success.

Join Talkdesk and our customer Hornblower for an in-depth conversation about their journey to becoming CX centric by focusing first on transforming their people and processes.

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