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Clickpay enables effortless customer experience with Talkdesk Enterprise

By João Safara

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"We needed an integration with Zendesk that reliably displayed our callers’ information to agents as well as automations that enabled our agents to focus on wrapping up calls quickly and efficiently."

Tim Kyse, vice president of customer service, ClickPay.

ClickPay’s mission is to redefine receivables and create technology solutions that optimize transactions and interactions between residents and their property managers. ClickPay believes in combining leading-edge technologies with hands-on services to create complete, customized solutions that drive efficiencies, enhance resident satisfaction, and give real estate businesses a strong and secure platform for growth.

When struggling with an outdated customer support system, which lacked sufficient reporting capabilities and integration with Zendesk, ClickPay realized its inflexible contact center solution could not scale as quickly as the business was growing. Fortunately, after researching scalable contact center solutions in the cloud, the organization discovered Talkdesk®.

The first thing that grabbed ClickPay’s attention was how easily and intuitively the Talkdesk solution integrated with Zendesk, allowing ClickPay’s agents to quickly access customer information and focus more time and effort on the customer.

With Talkdesk, ClickPay was able to solve another growing problem; the rise of average wait time and abandonment rates. With real-time data provided by Talkdesk Reporting & Analytics, ClickPay improved its response rate for inbound calls and consequently increased the pickup rate by 40% in just a couple of weeks.

Last but certainly not least, accurate forecasting through Talkdesk Workforce Management was another Talkdesk feature that appealed to ClickPay. By utilizing Talkdesk’s forecasting capabilities, ClickPay was able to efficiently hire agents and properly staff its contact center, achieving 95% service level accuracy in the first year of use.

The quality and granularity of data I’m seeing in Talkdesk has enabled us to get to this level of forecasting accuracy,” says Tim Kyse, vice president of customer service, ClickPay. “Talkdesk is listening, evolving and consistently making their software better for customers.

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