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The AI revolution in CX: Generative AI for customer support

Pedro Andrade Partner Tech Connect

By Pedro Andrade

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Advancing Cx Genai Powered Innovation

A few years back, the world was bursting with promises about AI transforming contact centers, yet the reality was a long way from meeting the hype. Solutions required significant resources and expensive data scientists to train and update and oftentimes didn’t work as well as promised. That’s when we started to work on redefining AI in the contact center space—creating an AI-powered contact center platform that wasn’t just buzz, but a tangible game-changer.

Our vision was clear: AI revolutionizing the contact center industry by impacting outcomes throughout the customer journey, making it smoother, efficient, and rewarding. All while being simple to deploy, manage, and deliver value from day one.

Our innovation strategy sparked the development of a holistic suite of CX AI products, seamlessly integrated and native to our cloud contact center platform. Our goal was to empower our customers to achieve the outcomes that truly mattered to them.

We broke down barriers with Industry Experience Clouds—an innovation that pre-designed and integrated AI specifically tailored for various verticals. This wasn’t just a step but a huge leap toward democratizing the adoption of AI.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve transitioned from elementary AI tools to sophisticated generative AI systems, revolutionizing the landscape of customer support. This journey represents not just technological enhancement but a complete reimagining of the customer experience.

We kept pushing boundaries by adding generative AI for customer support to drive crucial outcomes. Empowering agents with real-time generative AI knowledge, interaction summaries that slash average handling time by up to 15%, identifying trends in topics and sentiment across all conversations to improve customer satisfaction, or automating customer conversations to reduce costs. All through potent no-code tools, such as Talkdesk AI Trainer™, placing the reins of AI control directly into the hands of our customers, without the need for expensive data scientists.

This is a new era of automation and intelligence meticulously designed for the contact center. Generative AI for customer service is a new narrative of contact center AI—one where promises meet real-world requirements and innovation defines the future.

The role of generative AI in the contact center.

AI technologies in contact centers should be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing companies to implement them in-house without extensive technical expertise. From the first day of implementation, AI should deliver measurable improvements in customer service efficiency and operational effectiveness with the following:

  • Automation. AI automates routine tasks, streamlining workflows and allowing contact center staff to focus on more complex issues.

  • Self-service. By resolving more interactions through self-service options, AI reduces the workload on human agents. Customers get quicker resolutions to simple queries, increasing overall satisfaction.

  • Voice and chatbots. AI-powered voice and chatbots efficiently handle simple and complex inquiries, freeing up human agents to address more complex customer issues.

  • 24/7 service. AI enables contact centers to provide round-the-clock service, ensuring that customer support is available anytime, enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.

  • Agent empowerment. AI tools aid in improving agent productivity by helping them address customer queries swiftly and accurately, leading to better customer interactions and outcomes.

  • Data-driven insights. AI points key patterns and trends in customer interactions, providing actionable insights that can drive strategic decision-making and help in making data-driven decisions.

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Generative AI for customer support across industries.

When applied across industries, generative AI’s focus and capabilities facilitate outcomes that seemed futuristic until recently. Businesses globally have seen significant impacts—the ability to send proactive alerts, more upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and an unprecedented level of personalization—of generative AI across the customer experience arena.

For example, in healthcare, digital assistants streamline appointments and inquiries, as seen in Memorial Healthcare Systems’ reduced call volumes. Similarly, Carbon Health reduced patient wait times and clinic answer rates by 40%.

Banks, too, are experiencing major improvements. Generative AI in banking goes beyond basic functions to comprehensive customer service. From asset management and smart refinancing to maintaining account balances and managing fund transfers, the scope is expansive. Take WaFd Bank’s experience: integrating generative AI into their customer support has led to a staggering 95% reduction in cost per interaction. It’s a significant win in cost-efficiency, but more so, it’s the quality of customer service that stands out. This AI-driven approach has enabled WaFd Bank to tailor interactions more effectively, making them not just efficient but also more impactful.

Generative AI addresses common pain points across industries, impacting areas such as reducing wait times, enhancing interaction quality, providing personalization at scale, offering 24/7 service availability, maintaining consistent service quality, enabling proactive problem-solving, reducing costs, and improving employee satisfaction.

The future of generative AI in customer support.

The future of generative AI in customer support, while brimming with potential, also has some challenges, especially around privacy and ethics. Personalization is great, but there’s a thin line between being helpful and being intrusive. Crossing this line can lead to a loss of customer trust. Likewise, we can’t overlook the obstacles involved in weaving generative AI into existing systems and the importance of exploring effective strategies that can help businesses navigate these complexities and integrate generative AI seamlessly into their operations.

At Talkdesk we’re spearheading a new era of contact center AI and automation. Since 2018, we’ve been a pioneer in this space, and our integration of generative AI across the CX Cloud platform is revolutionizing the way we automate contact center operations. Our customers are already reaping the benefits, seeing unprecedented improvements in customer experience, along with significant cost reductions and boosts in operational efficiency.

New tools that establish generative AI guardrails, deepen our commitment to help our customers adopt AI in a way that’s simple, safe, and effective. This strategy is not just about mitigating risks; it’s about accelerating the value delivered to our customers.

Our focus is achieving the results our customers want. As businesses integrate generative AI into their customer support systems, they are faced with the critical task of navigating the complexities of technology implementation while committing to and complying with ethical practices. It’s the strategic partnership with our customers that will ensure these AI solutions remain customer-centric, responsibly driving value. A new generation of automation and intelligence for the contact center is our continued mission to simplify AI for our customers and innovate with products uniquely designed to deliver against the outcomes that matter most.

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Pedro Andrade Partner Tech Connect

Pedro Andrade

Pedro Andrade is vice president of AI at Talkdesk, where he oversees a suite of AI-driven products aimed at optimizing contact center operations and enhancing customer experience. Pedro is passionate about the influence of AI and digital technologies in the market and particularly keen on exploring the potential of generative AI as a source of innovative solutions to disrupt the contact center industry.