Magic Moments: Amazing Customer Experiences

November 7th & 8th 2018 | San Francisco

Don’t Miss Opentalk 2018!

Don’t Miss Opentalk 2018!

Life is full of magical moments - they come in all sizes, happen to everyone and stay with you forever. At Opentalk 2018, you’ll discover the important factors behind these moments and learn how to begin creating them for your customers.

Join thousands of brilliant sales and customer experience visionaries in the most thought-provoking CX event of the year. Opentalk is exclusively designed to help you create extraordinary conversations and spark more of those magical moments.

Why Should I Attend

If you work in a customer-facing or inside sales role, Opentalk is for you!

5,000 Attendees

Share ideas with a network of customer experience innovators like you.

50+ Sessions

Learn best practices and recent trends that will take your career to the next level.

100 Sponsors

Gain immediate access to vendors that can maximize your company’s performance.

2 Days

100 Speakers

Thousands of Connections