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Why Opentalk?

Opentalk is a revolutionary event designed to discuss and reshape current trends in customer communication. The show brings together employees from different functions of customer experience who believe in real-time communication as the only way to provide superior customer experience.

Opentalk is designed to foster conversations among business leaders and contact center agents who find themselves managing evolving customer expectations. This year’s interactive show will focus on today’s most pressing customer service topics: the use of bots, omnichannel vs. multichannel support, improving CSAT and driving revenue through customer loyalty. Join us at Opentalk 2017 to add your voice to the conversation.

Who Can You Expect?






Directors, VPs



Influential Speakers

Tiago Paiva

Founder & CEO,

Gadi Shamia

COO, Talkdesk

Ali Rayl

Director, Customer Experience, Slack

Jeff Lawson

CEO, Twilio

Steve Johnson

VP, Design, Netflix

Sejal Monterroso

VP, Customer Success, Zoosk

Scott Kennedy

President, Financial
and Retail Services,


VP, Customer Experience,

Opentalk Schedule

April 25

7:30 AM

Doors Open | Breakfast & Expo

9:00 AM

Keynote: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

Talkdesk has experienced major growth since last year's Opentalk summit. In this session, CEO Tiago Paiva welcomes the customer heroes in attendance and is joined by a few members of the Talkdesk team to walk through some of the major milestones and accomplishments of the past year. He also sets the stage for the upcoming customer-centric thought leaders and shares how Talkdesk continues to put customers first by increasing the rate of product innovation.

Tiago Paiva

Founder & CEO,

Gadi Shamia

COO, Talkdesk

Robert Sur

Head of Platform, Talkdesk

10:30 AM

Keynote: Guest-Centricity and the Drive to Be Heroic

Data gives us all the ability to know our customer better than ever. But turning insights into a beloved customer experience takes more than knowing. At Target, service centers play a critical role - acting as guest advocates within the organization, prioritizing prevention to minimize the need for service recovery and working tirelessly to drive easy and inspiration throughout the guest experience.

Scott Kennedy

President, Financial
and Retail Services,

11:15 AM

Retail Customer Support: Big Box vs. Mailbox

There's a revolution taking place in retail; customers are more informed than ever and are moving the traditional shopping experience from brick-and-mortar stores to their phones, computers and even mailboxes. These customers have an eye on usability and their own convenience, but they’re also looking for brands that are proactively meeting their needs and distinguishing their personal style. Our panel of retail experts discusses trends that make online retail and subscription box services attractive and how physical stores can adapt to give customers irreplaceable experiences.

Moderated by Thomas Lee, Business Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle
Gautam Gupta

CEO, NatureBox

Lucas Peterson

Director of
Customer Advocacy,
Belkin International

Mark Lovas

Co-Founder and CEO, Trumaker

11:45 AM

There’s an App for That: Supporting On-Demand Economy

The service industry is changing uber-fast and modern customers expect things to be done faster and more personalized than ever at the touch of a button. Our panel of leaders from today’s top on-demand companies covers what makes their customers unique, how to handle all the new data and the difficulties of ensuring success for both service providers and customers. These team leads also suggest processes to automate communication and which compromises can be made to increase speed without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Moderated by Heather Somerville, Technology Reporter, Americas, Thomson Reuters
Andrew Munday

Director, Operations,

Brandon McFadden

Customer Experience, Betterment

Nate Peace

Support Operations
& Systems Manager, Spothero

12:15 PM

Lunch | Expo

1:45 PM

Keynote: Turning Big Data Into Big Decisions

Customers create an overwhelming amount of data; some of it is valuable to brands and some of it is a distraction. This keynote from Redpoint Ventures' Tomasz Tunguz will cover how companies can determine which numbers to analyze and which ones to ignore. In today's data-driven landscape, these decisions are the key to knowing customers (and supporting them) better.

Tomasz Tunguz

Partner, Redpoint

2:15 PM

Channel Breakout Session

Hosted by Craig Klemp, Senior Director of Business Development and Partnerships

2:15 PM

Separating the Numbers from the Noise

With more business taking place in quantifiable channels, data teams worldwide are swimming in customer details. In the hands of the right team, this information turns into customer learnings and ultimately into customer satisfaction. In the hands of the wrong team, that data is just noise that distracts employees from truths about their customers. Our panel of experts gives advice about pinpointing the important information and using data trends to create processes that lead to long-term customer success.

Moderated by Ernest Wong, Product Manager, Data Product and Analytics, Talkdesk
Chad Boonsupa

Director, Customer Success, Vivino

Sejal Monterroso

VP, Customer Success, Zoosk

Casey Whalen

Support Operations
Lead, Shopify

2:45 PM

Taking Hands-On Approach to Agent Training

Contact center agents are the voice of a company, they need to be helpful, intelligent and quick on their feet. The best agents combine a natural ability to solve problems with an intense knowledge of their product and its use cases. Our expert panel discusses tactics for finding the right people to staff their contact centers and how to effectively ramp up their product knowledge. With the right approach to training, agents can learn to embrace company values and increase loyalty and satisfaction during the support process.

Moderated by Jon Braga, Customer Experience Innovator
Brian Tobal

CEO Hickory

Alex Mozes

Senior Director,
Customer Experience, Udemy

3:15 PM

Maintaining Customer Standards Through Growth

When companies go through periods of growth, processes shift and it can be tough to scale the customer team to accommodate new business. No matter how quickly a company grows, every new customer deserves the same attention and respect as the first. These panelists have overseen tremendous growth at their own companies and have built very successful teams to manage that new business. They discuss the importance of efficient processes and which metrics to prioritize in order to maintain customer satisfaction through periods of growth.

Moderated by Narinder Singh, Co-Founder, Appirio
Rob Bernshteyn

CEO, Coupa Software

Cindi Gillette

Senior Director,
Business Re-engineering,
Peet's Coffee & Tea

Lorraine Schumacher

Executive CX Advisor,

3:45 PM

Fireside Chat: DoorDash & TechCrunch

Josh Constine

Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch

Christopher Payne

COO, DoorDash

4:15 PM

Empowering Customers by Design

It doesn't matter how brilliant your product is if no one can use it. The best products are easy to use and require no explanation, but building these products often requires tremendous amounts of effort on behalf of design teams. This panel of design leads discusses common design decisions and how to keep the customer in mind when making them. Learn more about how keen a designer’s eye and mind can help every team at a company treat customers better.

Moderated by Su Ahn, VP of Customer Excellence, Farfetch
Ellen Beldner

Head of Product
Design, Stitch Fix

Mark Quinn

Director, Product Operations, LinkedIn

Aly Habib

Customer Experience,

4:45 PM

Fireside Chat: Handy & TechCrunch

Oisin Hanrahan

CEO, Handy

Josh Constine

Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch

5:00 PM

Expo | Happy Hour

April 26

8:00 AM

Doors Open | Breakfast & Expo

9:00 AM

Keynote: 5 trends that will make you rethink contact center experience

Todd Enders

VP of Product Marketing, Salesforce

Gadi Shamia

COO, Talkdesk

9:40 AM

Creating Customers for Life

You know that it's more cost effective to keep customers you already have than to create new customers, but how exactly do companies retain their existing customers? To truly optimize retention, every employee and team needs to be thinking about the customer and putting processes in place to prioritize them. This panel of customer leaders discusses strategies to drive loyalty through customer communications and interactions. They’ll also provide tactics to build emotional relationships with customers and share stories about their own personal experiences with campaigns to create lifelong loyalty.

Moderated by Ryan Lawler, Writer, TechCrunch
Scott Bajtos

Chief Customer Officer,

Mike Zinne

VP of Customer
Experience, Zendesk

Alex Miller

Vice President &
General Manager,
Stack Overflow Enterprise

Andy Mowat

Director, Customer Success Operations,

10:10 AM

Bringing Call Centers Into the Modern Age

The future of customer interactions is being driven by contact center innovators who find ways to integrate new insights into standard metrics. This new information is giving companies new capabilities that enable them to serve customers in exciting, more personalized ways. This panel of up-and-coming innovators discusses the new tools they are building and what their products they will add to today’s customer interactions. They also discuss the future of the contact center and how companies can use technology to get an edge over their competition.

Moderated by Robert Sur, Head of Platform, Talkdesk
Matthew Fernandez

Co-Founder, SimpleEmotion

Richard Rines

Founder, AutoReach

Shai Berger

CEO, Fonolo

10:50 AM

Keynote: Designing Customer Experiences that Create Fans

Tina Gentile

Worldwide Competitive
Customer Insights Leader,

Jane Dickson

Worldwide Support
Experience Design Leader,

11:20 AM

Disruptors: Creating New Solutions to Old Problems

These disruptors made businesses by creating new solutions to age-old problems. These companies all approach common pain points from an extraordinary angle that creates new customers. Our panel of innovators shares tips for identifying disruptable industries then taking bold steps to replace inefficient them with streamlined, customer-centric solutions. Their tools put the emphasis on people instead of processes and the results have ushered in a new age of user-friendly products.

Moderated by Jason Lemkin, SaaStr Fund

VP, Customer Experience,

Minnie Ingersoll

COO, Shift

Scot Chisholm

CEO & Co-Founder,

Jeff Stone

Vice President
of Customer Success,

11:50 AM

Fireside Chat: Giving Developers the Keys to the Product

Jeff Lawson

CEO, Twilio

David Streitfeld

Reporter, New York Times

12:20 PM

Lunch | Expo

1:45 PM

Establishing and Securing Customer Trust

When it comes to financial services, customers have unique service expectations: their information needs to be secure, service needs to be available around the clock and customer service instances have an increased emotional element. These leaders discuss the level of service required to build customer trust in this competitive industry and suggest tactics for retaining customers. You’ll learn how their companies measure customer trust and how which actions they take to improve that KPI.

Iona Brode

Head of Client Services, Silicon Valley Bank

Marlene Summers

Vice President, Customer Support Services & Community Zuora, Inc.

David Barrett

Founder & CEO,

2:15 PM

Intelligent Customer Service for Intelligent Technology

How do you talk to customers about product that talk to each other? The new generation of intelligent technology means companies have a lot more information about how customers are using their products and which other products are connected to those devices. More intelligent products require a more intelligent approach to customer service and these leaders explain how their teams use product information to assist in customer interaction and the role of self service in the future.

Moderated by Jay Noble, AVP, Cognizant
Brad Olson

SVP, Member
Experience, Peloton

John Crick

Customer Service Mgr.
to the Americas, Parrot

Mikhail Naumov

President & CSO, DigitalGenius

2:45 PM

Fireside Chat: Forbes & Thumbtack

Ryan Mac

Staff Writer, Forbes

Jonathan Swanson

Co-Founder & President, Thumbtack

3:15 PM

Turning Your Cost Center Into a Customer Center: Why Phones Aren’t Enough

Contact centers have been understood as cost centers for too long - they use employee time, hardware, software and training resources to keep customers satisfied but they haven’t traditionally generated new revenue. That paradigm is shifting as new contact center tools enable companies to proactively increase retention and find strategic opportunities into turn customer contact into a revenue driver.

Moderated by Robert Sur, Head of Platform, Talkdesk
Jay Blazensky

CRO, VoiceBase

Francisco Kattan

Head of Platform Marketing, Nexmo

3:45 PM

Keynote: Seven Support Lessons from Seven Startups

The most important decisions for your support team is what to include and exclude from your processes. Ali Rayl discusses her history of triaging support operations and how she turned those lessons into Slack's success.

Ali Rayl

Director, Customer Experience, Slack

4:15 PM

Increasing Agent Productivity

Today’s best support teams are extremely efficient with agent time, information and technological resources. They realize the need to speed up reaction time for the modern consumers and they adapt to streamline their processes to meet those demands. These panelists discuss the best ways to utilize agent resources to handle customer interactions in a way that will minimize cost to the company and maximize loyalty.

Moderated by Paul Vaillancourt, SVP, Customer Success and Operational Excellence, BigCommerce
Julie Silbar

Senior Manager,
Partner Servicing
American Express

Jared Petersen

Manager of Customer
Experience, Skullcandy

Grace Antonio

Support, Freshbooks

Claire Hernandez

Director, Global
Customer Support
at Puppet

4:50 PM

Closing Keynote

Tiago Paiva

Founder & CEO,

Hosted at
the Regency Center

1300 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA


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