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Talkdesk announces Bottomline Technologies, EmployBridge, Payability and Sysco as CX Innovator Awards winners at Opentalk 2020 Virtual

CX Award Winners recognize companies using Talkdesk technology to push the boundaries of customer experience

  • First CX Innovator Awards presented during Opentalk 2020 Virtual
  • Talkdesk highlights creative solutions to complicated problems with awards in five categories
  • Opentalk 2020 Virtual includes a full day of thought-provoking business continuity content and sessions to keep businesses agile and adaptable

SAN FRANCISCO – May 6, 2020 – Talkdesk®, Inc., the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises, today announced the winners of Talkdesk CX Innovator Awards. As part of Opentalk 2020 Virtual, the inaugural CX Innovator Awards honor companies putting the customer first while pushing the boundaries of the customer experience industry. Recipients will be recognized in five categories: CX Business Impact, CX Innovator, CX Integrator, CX Rookie of the Year and CX Business Continuity.

“Talkdesk is thrilled to announce the winners of our first CX Innovator Awards today during Opentalk 2020 Virtual,” said Kathie Johnson, chief marketing officer, Talkdesk. “The CX Innovator Awards is a great opportunity to highlight companies that are addressing difficult problems with new and creative solutions.”

CX Business Impact Award – Winner: Bottomline Technologies

Celebrating companies who have optimized their contact center(s) and had a positive impact on their business. Applicants must demonstrate a clear understanding of their customer experience (CX) vision, articulate marked improvements and provide evidence of growth as a result of improvements. 

Bottomline Technologies is a leading provider of financial technology that makes complex business payments simple, smart and secure. The company took a hard look at its customer support infrastructure with a focus on its primary objective; to provide a “world-class” and “delightful” experience with each customer interaction. Bottomline Technologies’ previous, on-premises system was a limited and localized solution with no self-service options. After moving to a unified, cloud contact center solution from Talkdesk, Bottomline saw significant improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  • Improved average speed to answer a call at 24 seconds
  • Increased Customer Delight score to 95% and Net Promoter Score (NPS) to 68

“By partnering with Talkdesk, we implemented a new global telephony system, integrated with Salesforce and now have access to business intelligence we never had before,” said Kim Hannemann, chief customer officer, Bottomline Technologies. “We now have data on who is calling, about which product and why, all before answering the call. With our old system, we would have to wait for the end of the week or month to see our performance against our SLAs. Now, we have real-time visibility into our performance with dynamic dashboards and reports, allowing us to make immediate changes and be more responsive to our customers.”

CX Innovator Award – Winner: EmployBridge

Celebrating companies who have uniquely leveraged Talkdesk technology, either standalone or in combination with Talkdesk AppConnect partners and/or other technology, in innovative ways to solve customer experience and contact center challenges and deliver best-in-class customer experience. 

EmployBridge leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) from Talkdesk Agent Assist which uses AI-driven data to help segment high-value interactions, route them to the best available agent and present helpful information in real-time.


  • 20% reduction in human-assisted contacts while supporting a service level of at least 90%.
  • 24-second reduction in average speed of answer (ASA) through AI-assisted interactions

“By selecting Talkdesk, we have realized significant cost savings while simultaneously delivering

a much-needed injection of innovation. We fully expect the ROI from choosing Talkdesk to continue and increase as they introduce new capabilities to our contact center, at no additional cost,” said Dale Sturgill, vice president of contact center operations, EmployBridge. “Talkdesk is laser-focused on bringing greater efficiency, productivity and innovation across the board to contact centers, and we’re excited to work with them on this journey.”

CX Integrator Award – Winner: Payability

Celebrating companies who have successfully integrated Talkdesk with a technology partner’s solution and utilized the integration(s) to deliver exceptional customer experience. 

Payability integrated Talkdesk with Zendesk for email support. This integration allows Payability to utilize Talkdesk’s advanced phone system and combine it with Zendesk’s communication tool.


  • 15% increase of inbound interactions
  • CSAT increase from 85% average to 92% over a 6-month period

“With the Talkdesk-Zendesk integration, we were able to improve the customer experience by meeting the customer where they are, providing support through their preferred channel. Further, this integration has allowed up to measure CSAT on phone calls using StellaConnect,” said Mareike Turner, director of client services, Payability. “Providing support through the customer’s preferred channel, while giving my team the tools to be efficient and collecting real-time customer feedback, elevated the teams’ performance and job satisfaction, since they get immediate recognition for doing great work. Talkdesk + Zendesk + StellaConnect is an affordable solution for a start-up stage company with a limited budget that I would recommend to other companies in the space.”

CX Rookie of the Year – Winner: Sysco

Celebrating companies who have successfully implemented Talkdesk and exemplify CX excellence by achieving a rapid deployment and experiencing a quick return on investment. This award is available to customers who implemented Talkdesk after January 1, 2019.

Sysco began its engagement with Talkdesk on February 1, 2019, with a goal to have one contact centers online by April 28, 2019. The transition was successfully completed one week ahead of schedule without any business interruptions. With the knowledge and experience from this project, Sysco is nearing its completion of converting all customer service operations to Talkdesk.


  • 10% decrease in average handle time
  • CSAT rating of 4.6 out of 5 
  • Decreased technology expense by moving to a cloud-based platform
  • 400+ agents working remotely on Talkdesk

“Talkdesk cloud technology allows us to be agile and respond to changes that impact our customers. Stability and consistency drive customer satisfaction and now that we have a stable platform, and our agents can provide a consistent experience, we are seeing CSAT improve,” said Ed Poorbaugh, director, telephony applications support, Sysco. “We have seen the greatest impact on customer experience during the unexpected. In recent months, a tornado destroyed one of our warehouses. Within minutes we provisioned a new telephone number, created an IVR using text-to-speech and assigned agents to ring groups in Talkdesk to support inbound calls from this location. During the coronavirus pandemic, we continue to support our customers with agents working from home on Talkdesk without a single service failure. Additionally, we created a new call center in less than four days to provide support to customers who are applying for federal aid programs.”

CX Business Continuity Award – Winner: Sysco

Celebrating companies who have successfully demonstrated the ability to keep business moving forward even in times of uncertainty. Examples of this award include transitioning your contact center workforce from a “brick and mortar” contact center to a remote workforce, equipping agents with best-in-class tools to work from anywhere and anytime with products including Talkdesk Mobile Agent™.

On March 12, 2020, Sysco implemented a mandatory work from home order due to the coronavirus pandemic, effective March 13th. Talkdesk cloud contact center solutions enabled Sysco to successfully transition more than 350 agents to work remotely within 24 hours. 

“Although I think about business continuity a lot, thanks to Talkdesk I never have to worry about it,” said Mike Goligorsky, senior director, technology transformation, Sysco. “Our contact centers are the primary interface with our customers and by properly equipping and educating our agents, we can provide consistently great customer service during times when our customers need us the most.”

Opentalk 2020 Virtual on May 6, 2020, includes a full day of thought-provoking business continuity content and sessions filled with information to keep businesses agile and adaptable to the needs of employees and customers in any situation. Opentalk 2020 Virtual features keynotes from Talkdesk executives and customer experience (CX) visionaries along with on-demand sessions featuring Talkdesk experts, customers, partners and industry leaders sharing personal stories and insights for businesses to maintain forward momentum. 

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