Ring Groups

Ring multiple agents at once to ensure that calls are distributed in the manner that best suits your business needs.

Ring groups optimize call routing and distribution. With ring groups, you can apply unique tags to specific agents and phone numbers to ensure that callers are routed to the most appropriate agents. You can also route callers to multiple agents at once, allowing small teams to immediately assist individual customers, when necessary. Ring groups can significantly improve your team’s productivity and effectiveness.

Create Agent Skill Groups

Ring groups allow you to segment your workforce based on parameters that matter to your company, such as skills, specialized knowledge, product proficiency or geographic location. For example, you could assign all French speaking agents to a specific ring group that fields calls from your phone numbers in France and Quebec. You can assign as many ring groups as you would like to each individual agent so that routing is customized to your unique business needs. This call center software feature helps improve efficiency and first call resolution by quickly and easily connecting your customers with the agents most equipped to help them.

Route Calls to the Optimal Agent

Assign ring groups to any phone number in your Talkdesk account to enable your customers to call familiar numbers, at local rates, and be routed to the most qualified agents. This will help to increase first call resolution and customer satisfaction.

Make Informed Decisions

Ring groups simplify the process of determining which group of agents handled a call or received a voicemail. View this information in the “Recent Calls” tab, the “Voicemails” tab or the caller’s “Activity” tab. This will provide you with an at-a-glance overview of the call type and which team handled the response so that you can stay informed.

Track Ring Groups Metrics

Talkdesk allows you to track metrics associated with each ring group in your reporting dashboard. For example, you can access inbound call metrics for calls handled by your customer success team, outbound call metrics for calls handled by your outbound SDR team and service-level metrics for your customer support team. Use these metrics to make data-driven decision for your call center.

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