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Talkdesk by Role: Contact Center Admins

Talkdesk admins

Contact centers start with the admins. The admin sets up the infrastructure, manages the way the contact center exchanges data with other business tools and determines the capabilities of other users. In any contact center, the admin has the most responsibility because they make sure things are operating smoothly for everyone else. With that in mind, […]

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Chicago Speakers Announced for the Designing Your Intelligent Contact Center Event

The 2017 Talkdesk event, Designing Your Intelligent Contact Center, kicks off in Chicago next week! We’ve been finalizing details about the speakers and sessions and now that everything is ready, we’re thrilled to share more information. Here are details about the speakers for the Talkdesk’s Designing Your Intelligent Contact Center event in Chicago: Shep Hyken […]

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Talkdesk by Role: Contact Center Supervisors

Talkdesk supervisor

Talkdesk supervisors are in a truly unique spot — they need to be able to track high-level metrics, but still need the ability to jump into calls if necessary. These supervisors need the to be able to use both agent and supervisor tools and the flexibility to move between them at a moment’s notice. Since a […]

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Talkdesk by Role: Contact Center Agents

Talkdesk agents

For customers and prospects in your contact center, agents are the voice of your company. Talkdesk’s goal is to equip those agents with the right tools to make those interactions as beneficial as possible. This all starts before a call is even made or received. For agents making outbound calls, they can view Talkdesk information […]

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The Talkdesk Difference: Ease of Use


From the very first inception of Talkdesk, there was always a basic idea that drove the direction of our product: other offerings in the call center space were complicated and Talkdesk had to be different. On-premise hardware was expensive and difficult to service, setup took months and changes to your call center could only be […]

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