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Introducing Talkdesk Context for Mobile

Talkdesk Context

Talkdesk is proud to announce Talkdesk Context Mobile, part of the broader Talkdesk Context suite designed to provide up-to-the minute intelligence on customer self-service activity. Context Mobile is a contact center solution that provides real-time information about a caller’s mobile in-app activity to customer service agents, so they can immediately provide relevant and personalized support. […]

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NYC Speakers for Designing Your Intelligent Contact Center Talkdesk Event

The 2017 Talkdesk Road Show is off to NYC! With the customer service industry growing and changing so quickly these days, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends. Come join us on Sept 12th to hear from our incredible speakers. They will be discussing how to use the latest technologies to improve […]

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OTG Consulting Partners with Talkdesk to Provide Cloud-Based Contact Center Software

SAN FRANCISCO, CA.— OTG Consulting, a master agency made up of the industry’s most experienced telecom executives, and Talkdesk, a leading innovator in the cloud-based call center software space, today announced the companies have partnered to offer OTG Consulting customers and agents access to Talkdesk’s industry-leading software. Through its partnership with Talkdesk, OTG Consulting is […]

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How to Set up Custom Storage in Talkdesk

When it comes to being PCI or HIPAA compliant, Talkdesk customers have a couple of different options, but the best one is to set up custom storage using an owned AWS S3 bucket. This process will maximize the control a customer has over the call data and minimize the risk of a PCI compliance failure. […]

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An S.O.S. for Your Contact Center Software

The contact center space is the most crucial element in a company’s customer relations, yet for some reason, it hasn’t evolved in decades. While most of the world evolved to adjust to the internet’s speed of information, contact centers have managed to stay mostly unchanged. Considering that customers have changed and companies have changed, it […]

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