Talkdesk Wins Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Cloud Contact Center

By Steve Bell

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Based on its recent analysis of the North American cloud contact center market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Talkdesk, Inc. with the 2019 North American Product Line Strategy Leadership Award for its Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center. Here’s a summary of why Talkdesk won this prestigious Frost & Sullivan award:


The emergence of the cloud contact center has provided answers for numerous issues plaguing contact center systems, including:

  • The need to rapidly scale to handle peaks and valleys in call volumes, and allow companies to grow agent resources
  • The ability to more quickly add new capabilities and channels as they emerge while staying within budgetary constraints
  • The need to easily and quickly make changes to applications or add functionality as enhancements or upgrades became available, rather than waiting for periodic software releases
  • The demand for new pricing models, along with the ability to use operational expenditure (OPEX) rather than capital expenditure (CAPEX) funds

Early entrants into the cloud contact center market have encountered numerous challenges around reliability, scalability and security. These companies were not able to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies upon which Talkdesk is built.

“Talkdesk’s cloud-native microservices architecture allows it to be scaled quickly using pools, clusters and grids as new channels and technologies become available.”

Winning Criteria:

To be a leader in the cloud contact center market is a complex undertaking. Leaders must have solid solution sets, yet allow the ease and flexibility of adding on functionality either from third-party suppliers or as their own enhancements become available. They have to offer a platform that scales, is flexible and simple to use, and available through flexible pricing models to suit changing business needs.

A Fully-Featured Out-of-the-Box Deployment should include/feature:

  • Omnichannel contact center solution built on a microservices architecture
  • Supervisor and agent user interface designed to be user-friendly, complete and enriched with the ability to integrate with any third-party application provider and pull data from anywhere, arming the user with the content and context needed to better serve customers
  • Supported by in-depth analytics and reporting solutions
  • Designed to be quickly modified as new channels and technologies become available

“Having a cloud-native architecture also allows Talkdesk to provide the flexibility that customers need with integration far simpler than what is possible from legacy contact center solutions.”

Flexible and Scalable

  • Scales in both seats and capabilities, and does so in a manner that is blazingly fast compared to most products in the market
  • Flexibility of microservices architecture provides customers with high reliability, so if one microservice fails, the others will continue to work and enable zero-downtime maintenance
  • Global presence in 60 countries served by nine global data centers
  • CPaaS platform provides global super-network of telecom providers, allowing instant provisioning in over 100 countries and 50,000 specific localities
  • Proven rapid deployment worldwide with highest call quality, uptime and security. Recently announced industry-first 100% uptime SLA

Technology Leverage

  • “Clicks not Code” configuration approach provides flexibility and speed to make changes without IT involvement
  • Fast and easy to set up—typical implementation takes weeks versus months for competing systems
  • Talkdesk Artificial Intelligence is a layer of artificial intelligence infused into the platform to help businesses make smarter decisions, offer smarter engagements with customers and ensure smarter operations
  • Talkdesk Callbar® provides single-sign-on capabilities and an intuitive user interface for agents using Callbar® CTI, deep integration with Salesforce, Zendesk and others
  • Talkdesk Mobile is a new mobile version of Callbar® that allows field sales and service representatives to engage with customers anytime, anywhere
  • Talkdesk Omnichannel provides integrated customer support through SMS, chat, email and dozens of social and messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp and more
  • Talkdesk Analytics is a complete reporting and analytics suite designed to optimize every aspect of contact center operations, covering live dashboards, historical and benchmark analytics
  • Talkdesk Studio is an intuitive and powerful routing flow designer that allows companies to visually design customer journeys without code or expensive IT resources
  • Talkdesk Self-Service is a set of Android and iOS SDKs that enable customers to build a powerful Visual IVR solution, preserving context captured through mobile interactions for seamless agent transitions
  • AppConnect is the first enterprise-grade Innovation Ecosystem; currently populated with over 50 applications in core contact center areas including WFM, workforce optimization, outbound dialer, voice analytics, collaboration and others
  • Deep Salesforce Integration, including channels, context, data, reports and dashboards, and status of calls and recording; it also provides bi-directional data sync so both platforms are up to date in real-time
  • Additional partnerships/integrations with over 30 other business tool, CRM, and software providers, including ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk and Slack

“Talkdesk’s customer-focused innovation, and ability to secure significant funding, underlines its current performance and potential to dominate the cloud contact center market in the near future.”

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Superior Price-Performance

Talkdesk provides superior price-performance value due to:

  • A multi-tenant CPaaS foundation and modern microservices architecture, allowing customers to benefit from the modular construction of their contact centers
  • The Studio interaction orchestration engine that enables customers to quickly create the service environment they need without heavy customization, professional services or IT, thus curtailing excess costs
  • The AppConnect Innovation Ecosystem, which enables customers to deploy best-in-class solutions and quickly trial applications to see if they suit their business needs, without a deep upfront investment

“Talkdesk provides additional services for free whereas many competitors charge. For instance, it provides a dedicated Client Success Manager and 24/7 support included in the license in addition to free storage, indefinitely, for all call recordings.”

Superior Customer Experience

  • Customer-centric approach to selling
  • SLAs for uptime and call quality, including an industry-first 100% Uptime SLA
  • Free online training and numerous self-service and educational tools
  • Dedicated customer service people for each account and an internal customer satisfaction rating of over 98%
  • Three feature-rich seasonal releases each year, plus ongoing updates via Agile development process
  • In addition to features and scalability, Talkdesk provides solid security and customer support, adhering to over 20 certifications and standard

“The company continues to deliver on its vision to make customer experience a competitive advantage for its clients”

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Steve Bell

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